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Finding A Travel Insurance Quote Before Traveling Internationally

Finding A Travel Insurance Quote Before Traveling Internationally

Traveling outside of your home country can be an exciting time for both families and lone individuals. But no trip comes without risk, which is why many travelers turn to travel insurance to ensure that their finances and their health are protected against unforeseen events. With the right travel insurance, international travelers can enjoy their vacations without any undue stress. And with the insurance resources available online, finding an attractive travel insurance quote is a simple process.

One attractive feature of travel insurance is that it covers the cost of a vacation against both interruption and cancellation. This means that if something comes up and a traveler has to either cancel or interrupt their vacation, the traveler will be reimbursed for their unused travel time. Travel insurance can also cover the cost of lost or delayed luggage and travel delay. If an accident happens and a traveler needs emergency medical attention, travel insurance can cover these costs as well.

To find a travel insurance quote online, the first thing that a consumer must do is to decide which form of travel insurance they desire. Most vacationers will go with a standard travel insurance plan, which can offer up to 100,000 dollars in medical coverage. A standard travel insurance plan may offer emergency evacuation services, terrorism coverage and 24 hour assistance services, and it would be wise for any international traveler to choose these forms of coverage if they are available.

There are special travel insurance plans available for students, seniors, medical tourists and international missionaries. Any individual falling into one of these groups would be wise to take advantage of these plans. Individuals planning on extended traveling would be well advised to look into a worldwide medical or multi-trip travel insurance plan.

Once an individual has chosen the form of travel insurance that they desire, they can use an interactive travel insurance guide to input information about their trip and insurance needs and find the perfect travel insurance quote to meet their needs. This will allow them to enjoy their trip, knowing that they are protected against unforeseen circumstances.

Easier and Faster- High-speed Trains Help a Lot When Travelling in China

China has been putting a lot of effort to built a high-speed train network over the country. High-speed trains in China usually refer to the trains with a running speed of 200~350 km/h. If you would like a tour in China, high-speed trains will help you a lot to save time and energy. These trains are usually very punctual and less influenced by the weather. The seats of the high-speed trains are comfortable, which can be classified into Bussiness Class, First Class and Second Class.The train number of high-speed trains start with an “G”,”D” or “C”. G trains usually run faster than D trains. C trains are inter-city express trains, such as Beijing-Tianjin Trains. Learn more about China train.
The high-speed train network covers most major cities in China, including many tourist cities, such as Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai as well as Guilin, Kunming, Hangzhou, Luoyang, Huangshan and etc. Book a Train Ticket.

China High-speed Trains
Silk Road Railway Route: Xian-Lanzhou-Jiayuguan-Dunhuang-Turpan-Urumqi
Xi’an is one of the most famous ancient capitals in Chinese history. It is also the starting point of Ancient Silk Road. Though high-speed trains haven’t been available between Xian and Lanzhou, there are night trains which save time and money. It takes about 4 hours from Lanzhou to Jiayuguan by bullet trains. Normal fast trains are available between Jiayuguan and Dunhuang. If you would like to travel a bullet train to Turpan, you may need a detour and take trains from Jiayuguan to Turpan. It takes about 6 hours from Jiayuguan to Turpan and 1 hours from Turpan to Urumqi.

East China: Nanjing-Suzhou-Shanghai-Hangzhou
The down-river area of Yangtze River has always been one of the richest areas in China down the ages. Nanjing and Hangzhou were once the capitals in Chinese history and also famous historic cities. Suzhou is famous for its traditional gardens. Zhouzhuang, one of the most beautiful water towns in China, is also located in Suzhou. Shanghai, needless to say, is an international metropolis in China. This route is totally a collision of tradition and modernity. It takes less than 2 hours to travel between these cities by bullet trains.

High-speed trains of Guilin have been available this year. It takes about 2.5 hours from Guangzhou to Guilin and Guiyang to Guilin.

High-speed train between Shanghai and Huangshan will be available since July this year.

It takes about 1.5 hours to travel between Xian and Luoyang. Luoyang is famous for its Longmen Grottoes and Baima Temple.

Summer Vacation Extended In Kashmir 2015

Kashmir is one of india’s most beautiful and touristically popular regions . Kashmir is one of the most amazing holiday destinations in India. With this holiday, visit the meadow of flowers, Khilanmarg Valley, the Shankaracharya Temple, Chashma-E-Shahi, Nishat Bagh & Shalimar Bagh.Enjoy a romantic shikhara ride on the Dal Lake, visit the Mughal Gardens with terraced lawns, cascading fountains and bright flowerbeds . This page contains information about Kashmir. The valley of Kashmir is known all over the world for its beauty and charm.


Tourist Places :

Srinagar : Srinagar is the face of the beautiful valley of Kashmir . Its is located in the western part of the State of Jammu and Kashmir and is famous for its lakes and the Beautiful houseboats floating on them. we offered begins with the summer capital-Srinagar, famous for its gardens, Jammu Kashmir Houseboat Travel Package.

Pahalgam : Pahalgam is a world famous hill station is 45 Kms. The Pahalgam Valley presents glamorous look due to its pine forests,snow clad mountains, healthy climate and vast meadows and pastures. The region is extremely popular among tourists for its outdoor activities like fishing, horse riding, golf and trekking. Tours and travel to Pahalgam usually offer opportunities for outdoor activities.
Gulmarg : Gulamrg also known as “The Meadow of Flowers”.The meadow of Flowers is
a world famous tourist spot in the Baramulla Distt ofKashmir. With pretty views of green
undulating country in spring and snow blanket in winter, its often called Switzerland of
India. Gulmarg is famous for skiing, often national level skiing competitions take place
here. Gulmarg also has the longest cable car ofAsia which takes you to an altitude of
30,000 feet above sea level.The meadow of flowers “Gulmarg” is in the shape of bowl, it is 3.5 Km in length and 1 Km wide. The bowl is encircled by hills, and in the distance are
snow­covered peaks.

Sonmarg : Situated at an altitude of 2730 m, Sonamarg (‘The meadow of gold’) has, as
its backdrop, snowy mountains against a cerulean sky Sonamarg is the base of a major
trek that passes along several mountain lakes –Vishansar, Kishansar, Gadsar, Satsar and
Gangabal. Sonamarg is also the take off station for the drive to Ladakh across the Zojila, a major pass in theGreatHimalayanRange, through which theSrinagar­Leh Road passes .

Where to stay -Pahalgam  has a number of Hotels and lodges of various types which are open only during summer months. On Road to Pahalgam one comes across the beautiful Lidder Valley with important spots of Mattan and Aishmuqam.

How to Enjoy A Family Fun Vacation At Hershey PA

There are many family fun locations to visit around Hershey Pennsylvania. You and your family can have a memorable trip visiting the Hershey area attractions or relaxing at a great hotel. Here is how to visit Hershey to maximize the fun you can experience at one of the best family destinations in the United States.

  • Make your first stop in Hershey at Chocolate World.

    Chocolate World is very much like a complete pavilion at EPCOT. There are some great experiences, many of which are free. Let your kids make a box of Hershey kisses. You can then purchase the kiss box they made to enjoy later. Take a free ride on the Great American Chocolate Tour dark ride. Go see the Hershey Really Big 3D show, which is really a 4D show so be prepared. You can also experience Hershey’s Chocolate Tasting Adventure or you can choose from a selection of chocolates and treats that only Hershey can imagine at one of their many shops.

    There is also a nice food selection in the Courtyard Cafe atrium or in the Kit Kat Cafe.

  • Plan to spend an entire family day (possibly 2) at Hershey Park, right next door to Chocolate World.

    Hershey Park has as much character as any park you will ever visit. The topography of the park is quite hilly. There are some nicely themed areas that fit well with the landscape and there are some very traditional theme park areas. Overall, the park planners have kept some great vintage rides and architecture, but improved other areas with a modern touch. The rides are diverse and plentiful and the landscaping and bridges provide many scenic views and spots for photos.

  • If you have time, enjoy the extra theme parks within Hershey Park. There are actually 3 Parks within Hershey Park including Hershey Amusement Park, Zoo America, and The Boardwalk (waterpark). They are all included with the admission price.

    Go to the back of Hershey Park to get to Zoo America. Use the Kissing tower (space needle) as your guide. The entrance is just to the left. Zoo America is an 11 acre walk through wildlife park. They have over 200 viewable animals. Zoo America can also be accessed without admission to Hershey Park through a separate parking lot and gate. There is a fee which is less than Hershey Park tickets.

    From Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend you will be able to take your family to The Boardwalk waterpark within Hershey Park. The waterpark has slides, a wave pool, a water playground, and a lazy river.

  • Try the Hershey Story Museum. The museum is located in downtown Hershey. There is plenty of free parking in the parking garage next to the museum. The Hershey Story museum is a new attraction dedicated to the life of Milton Hershey and the Hershey Chocolate Company. Be sure to enjoy the world’s only Hershey kiss light posts through downtown Hershey.
  • Try some great family accommodations at Hotel Hershey, Hershey Lodge, or Hershey Highmeadow Campground.

    The Hotel Hershey is a top notch historic hotel with great views of Hershey gardens, Hershey park and downtown Hershey. They also have 4 and 6 bedroom cottages available for larger families. Hotel Hershey also offers a top notch Chocolate Spa, Cocoa Clubhouse for the kids, multiple swimming pools, and a indoor sports complex with year round ice skating.

    The Hershey Lodge is great for families. The amenities include 3 swimming pools, mini golf, 5 restaurants, and visits from Hershey characters.

    Hershey Highmeadow campgrounds offers 55 acres (some open and some wooded) for tent sleepers or RV owners. There is a game room, playground, self-serve laundry, and a country store on property.

    Any of these accommodations will make your next family fun visit to Hershey PA a great experience.

How to Find Cheap Flights to London

For many, traveling is a pastime in itself, a chance to see the world. Of course, with such opportunity comes a cost in the form of expensive airline fares. But for those looking to book a flight to London, England, there are numerous ways to go about securing a cheap flight.

  • Book online, and be specific. While numerous online travel sites, such as Expedia, Hotwire and Travelocity, feature deals on flights to a number of locales (including London), features a section devoted exclusively to booking cheap/discounted flights to London. The site offers a list of airports from which people can fly, as well as numerous times, dates, flight types and prices. A function also exists by which travelers can book hotel and car, in addition to booking their flight.
  • Hire a travel agent. This can be done in person, through local outlets like a newspaper or the Yellow Pages, as well as through online sites like Tripology. The latter site provides users with travel agents who offer a customizable trip itinerary, including flight packages to locales like London. For those with limited travel booking experience, particularly to an international location like London, travel agents offer a potentially best-case scenario in terms of securing a cheap/discounted flight to the United Kingdom.
  • Book through British Airways. Booking directly through the most popular airline in the United Kingdom is of great benefit to travelers, as the airline features plenty of flights to London. By booking well in advance–when airlines are looking to sell as many tickets as possible in the hopes of selling out a flight, or at the last minute–when airlines are desperate to sell those last few remaining seats, gives discount ticket seekers the opportunity to score a great deal.

Country House Hotel


Choose a Country House Hotel is definitely the best idea for those who like to be in close contact with nature but at the same time do not want to give up some comfort that only an environment structured in a manner similar to a hotel can offer to its guests. Here then that here in Italy Charminly he has selected a wide range of very interesting offers to choose from thanks to their Country House Hotel ideal places not only fascinating because it away from the busy city but also for the culture and history that can tell through the voice of the owners, often local people who dedicate their lives to welcome with enthusiasm and

Among the structures that we can bring such as Country House Hotel noteworthy is Tenuta La Romana, a romantic Country House Hotel in Piedmont, specifically in the town of Nizza Monferrato. Here, just 250 meters height from the sea level rises this structure modernized without changing the original architecture. All around the Hotel guests can relax walking through trees and even around a private lake. Spaces, all very spacious and bright, are divided into several types of the guest rooms or apartments available for all their varied requirements of use. Tenuta La Romana also has a restaurant with which you can taste typical products of the Langhe area.
And if your desire is rather to visit the pearls of Southern Italy, absolutely recommended among the best Country House Hotel there is the Tenuta Monacelli & Masseria Giampaolo. We are in Puglia, one of the most beautiful regions of the Italian peninsula, precisely Cerrate, in the province of Lecce. Here, just three kilometers from the sea, lies this beautiful Country House Hotel consists of two farms around renovate with over fifty thousand olive trees used for local oil production. Full of trails designed for those who enjoy walking, cycling or riding a horse, the Tenuta Monacelli & Masseria Giampaolo also has within it a number of rooms designed to allow its guests to relax. It starts from the gym, passing the massage room to the beautiful terrace where you can sip an aperitif before dinner or enjoy a full breakfast.

5 Reasons to Pursue a Degree in Tourism

It’s no secret that the travel agent profession has become very much a relic of the past, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of fun and lucrative jobs that can come from earning your degree in tourism. There are so many beautiful places to visit in this world, and there will always be people who want to explore new and exotic places. This means that there are a lot of ways that you can make a living in the tourism industry, and it is a career that can be extremely rewarding and lead to many exciting adventures. Here are five reasons to pursue a degree in tourism.


  1. Travel Opportunities

One of the best things about earning your degree in tourism, especially if you go to a top school like UC Santa Barbara is that you will be able to travel the world working with various hotels, resorts, cruise lines and more to help them with improving their branding and their services. Since you will be an expert on this industry, these businesses will depend on you to help them bridge the gap between their staff and their clientele.


  1. Discounts on Travel Expenses

Those with tourism degrees often receive considerable discounts on all of their travel expenses. When you are working for a particular business, like a hotel, they will need to meet with you on-site in order for you to assess their strengths and their weaknesses. This means that they will be paying for your travel expenses, and what could be more fun than getting paid to travel? Plus, you may even be able to stay in some of the nicest hotels and resorts free of charge once you get there.


  1. Insider Knowledge

You will be traveling for work, but of course, you will also want to travel for pleasure from time to time. When you do decide to take your significant other or your family out for a vacation, you will have all kinds of insider knowledge in regards to the best times to travel, the best restaurants in various cities, and the best cites to see while you’re abroad. Even if you earned Maryville’s online cyber security degree, you may be of interest to the tourism industry, because these businesses will need somebody to make sure that all of their websites, electronic door keys and gates are fully encrypted and secured.


  1. Avoid Tourist Traps

One of the main things that all travelers have to be worried about is getting caught in the tourist traps. These are often overpriced attractions that are a lot less entertaining than their advertising would suggest, and above all, they are a waste of precious time. When you are on vacation, you want to make the most of what little time you have to enjoy yourself, and knowing how to have the most relaxing and authentic experience possible is paramount.


  1. Improve Relations Between Tourists and Locals

We all know that the tourism industry throughout the world has produced some very questionable social climates between the wealthy tourists and the impoverished populations which serve them. That said, many of these populations depend on the tourism industry in order to feed their families and stimulate their economy. With your degree in tourism, you could emphasize finding ways to improve those relations so that the climate is more symbiotic and less exploitative.

Top 6 Tips for Cheap Student Travel

College really is the best time to travel, but when you are a poor college student, traveling can be quite expensive. This is why it can help to have some tips for cheap student travel, because it isn’t impossible to pinch some pennies. Indeed, if you remain resourceful, you can actually save a lot of money traveling. Sure, you may not be staying at the most comfortable places – and you won’t be eating the best food – but you will have the trip of a lifetime. Whether you head to Europe, Asia, or even Africa, there are a lot of ways to beat the tourism system. What you have to remember is that planning is the key. If you don’t plan your affordable getaway, you will really be left wondering where you will get the money to pay for things. Here are the top six tips for cheap student travel.

Go to Less Popular Cities

The bigger cities in the world, like Paris and London, are always going to be the most expensive. Not only are hotels and hostels more expensive, so is the food and other miscellaneous items. If you travel to less popular cities, you will be spending far less money.

Fly into Bigger Airports

When you do book airfare, you want to be sure that you fly into bigger airports. The smaller airports can often be a lot more expensive and you may be left reeling financially. If you are going on a study abroad journey – either with UCLA or another college – you’ll want to save every penny of the budget you are given.

Book Airfare in Advance

Of course, you’ll also want to book your travel in advance, because airfare can be really expensive if you wait until the last minute. This is because of the basic law of supply and demand. Towards the date of your departure, the tickets will be even more in demand and thus more expensive. Ideally, you want to book tickets six months in advance.

Rent a Room with a Kitchen

When you are looking for a place to stay, you’ll want to book a room with a kitchen, so that you can make your own food. If you don’t have a kitchen, you will be forced to spend a fortune at local restaurants. By stocking your kitchen and making food at home, you will spend far less money. Plus, you can consistently have a great meal if you have the right recipes. You never know what you will get at a restaurant or local cafe.

Take Your Classes Online

If you are still taking classes and don’t want to prolong your degree program – which can be expensive – you may want to take your classes online. You can actually take your classes online while you are traveling. For instance, Maryhurst’s online healthcare MBA program is incredibly good and you’ll learn a lot.

Travel Light

On top of everything, you will want to travel light. The lighter you travel, the more affordable things will be. For one thing, you won’t have to pay for extra luggage, and you won’t have to worry about finding lockers. In the end, traveling light will also be a lot more comfortable.

Acquire The Perfect Vacation Destination With The Web Cruise In An Efficient Manner

With a world of options, they can understand you may require some individual support to plan your perfect vacation. From searching the perfect spot to ensure all, the thing is just right, they are here to assist, and also their agents know all the current promotions and specials. This is a great beginning for understanding there is know about cruises, beginning with why you should be communicating one of their professional agents of these days. Begin with cruising 101 for fundamentals, head to specialty cruises for an actual fun ingredient and get to understand in their media and news zone.

New-Cruise-Ships_v12_8 (4)

It is all about, where they cover all the aspects from calculating if cruiseweb is perfect option for you to answer you’re frequently asked queries. Explore all of their specialty cruising choices, from marriages and themed cruises to forums and secured charters. Generate the greatest and modern in their media and news center, and stay combined through social media networks. From highly customized amenity to exotic itineraries, these cruise line focuses on generating a rewarding experience both the ashore and on-board. And then they have their river cruises, which is an enhancing famous spot choice for travelers, who enjoy the comfortless and convenience of cruising. Based on this, let’s discuss more information about this in detail.

Why Should People Prefer The Cruise Web As Their Favorite?    

With several competing travel consultancies, several individuals should prefer the web cruise as their favorite. With around twenty years in trade. The web cruise has introduced a valuable individual cruise consulting process that makes sure you are compensated with the perfect cruise for your requirements. What’ more, this individual consultation is exactly free and only needs a less time within one of their experiences cruising professionals. Ensure that you get the best cruise deal by fixing your cruise vacation with the cruiseweb. When you perform with their individual cruise agents, you will attain the best cruise deal for your time, effort and money and they will make the entire process stress and fun free, just like your next cruise.

Search the best deal of cruise by browsing based on cruise line, spot, departure port and so on. Based on this, it can come in all sizes and shapes, from famous activity filled huge ship cruises or elegant opulent voyages to intimate river cruises. Each kind of cruise delivers something ideal, and each cruise line within each and every kind deliver its distinct take on famous, opulent and so on. Pursuing below to explore their preferred cruising partners and communicate one of their professional cruise agents to know more information. They will guide you towards the right cruise line for your specific requirements, preferences and interests. Hence, these are the reason that why people can prefer the web cruise as their favorite.

Plan For a Visit to Belgium Appropriately


A standout amongst the most mechanical yet additionally the most advanced nation with its way of life is Belgium; Belgium is a great nation that has a long history furthermore has present day ponders. Belgium is somewhat different than whatever other nation or society; in this manner you have to act legitimately when you go to Belgium. On the off chance that you are wanting to have outing to Belgium, you have to ensure that you are completely plan for the trek. Today, I will help you to guarantee that you are completely get ready for a travel to Belgium by giving an orderly guide on the best way to plan for a visit to Belgium in this article.

The initial step is getting a travel permit. Passport is the most essential parts for any outing into another nation; since travel permit is have comparative capacity as your distinguishing proof card in other nation. Furthermore of identification, you need complementary visa course of action with Belgium, on the off chance that you are American you don’t have to visa unless you are staying in Belgium longer than 90 days.

The following step is making a point to take a Belgiumese dialect course. Belgiumese individuals are considering remote individuals that proficient to talk in Belgiumese is more amiable than outsider that utilizing their own dialect. You may need to take a course in Belgiumese to learn no less than a basic phrase and how to peruse Belgiumese characters. Try to set up your Belgiumese to English word reference on your excursion.

The following step is changing your money for yen. While expert card and other Visa can be valuable for larger hotels and restaurant, I prescribe you to trade your money for dollar to guarantee that you have alternate course of action. You will have the capacity to utilize greenbacks on smaller stores and shops in provincial ranges. Make sure to call Brussels escort for the best way to visit Belgium.

Visit Other Country such as puncak pass Indonesia!

Summer occasion is coming! Do you have any arrangement to go this summer? Going into another country, for example, britain, france, turkey or whatever other country may be an awesome thought to invigorate your psyche. You can travel into another country with the organization of others, or you can incline toward the more experience decision, solo travel. Today, i will give you an orderly guide on the best way to travel overseas.

The initial step is collect all related clues about your destinations. You should comprehend about manners, culture and whatever other attribute that you may experience amid your travel. This will help you to see more about your destination and make the most of your travel. You may likewise need to peruse about your destination history, hotels, restaurant, safety precautions and some more.

The following step is set up all traveler need. You should get ready passport, medicine, and proper clothing for your destinations. You may need to call Vashtour to get ready ticket or you can join their visit to travel to your destinations securely.

The following step is dont neglect to purchase foreign currency before you leave to your destinations. You may observe that purchase foreign currency on your country is less expensive than buying on your destinations. In the event that you need to know more, visit website about travel to get more data about going by other country.

The next step is determined how long you will stay in lodging. understand the length of your stay is a crucial part to adjust your accommodation with your budget. A long trip will cost you more rather than quick visit. You may get the best and most expensive hotel for your stay if you are having quick visit, but for longer trip, a comfortable lodging or resort will be more economical for you. Make sure to add some leeway of a day to handle any unexpected and emergency.

The next step is assessing your budget. You will need to determine how much money you can spend for your trip and accommodation. Consider any service and extra transportation that might necessary for your trip.

If you are happen to visit Indonesia, don’t forget to visit puncak pass. The best place when you can relax and enjoy the scenery of tropical forest mountain. You may also find safari garden in those places and interact with animal. You can simply visit Royal Safari Garden and find out more about safari resort and convention hotel in the puncak pass.

How to Plan a Disney Vacation for a Large Family

Disney theme parks are a vacation children dream of and parents want to give. There are many locations to choose from and you can personalize the trip to suit your needs and your budget. Disney package deals can be found and for less than you might think. Here are some tips on how to plan a Disney vacation for a large family, so you can enjoy as much of Disney as possible without sending you to the poor house. Disney is a wonderful place to take your family on vacation. Plan ahead and search around for the best deals.
  • Ask yourself if you want a relaxing getaway or do you want the excitement and thrills. It is quite possible you may want some of both.
  • Decide who and how many are going with you. If you and your significant other are going, your itinerary will be vastly different from that of parents with a preschooler.
  • Decide if you will use a travel agent or booking service. Many travel agents are able to secure lower airfares, hotel rates and attraction tickets at a reduced price from what the general public might play. You certainly can book all the arrangements yourself, but you may be missing out on some great packages or vacation deals.
  • Plan your traveling arrangements. A large family will be costly, if you decide to fly. Of course, the rise in gas prices can be hard on a large family as well. Decide which means of travel is best suited for your family.
  • Be aware that if you book a flight over 21 days in advance, you will get a substantially lower rate than if you book the week before you leave. To save some extra cash, try to find a flight that leaves on Tuesday or Wednesday. These are often the cheaper days to fly. If your children are older, you might also consider a red eye flight. Many times these flights can save you another 30 percent off a regular daytime airline ticket.
  • Try to find a hotel located on a Disney property. There are some very substantial benefits to staying there. You will be provided transportation. The park has transportation to and from the hotels. Disney also has the Magic Express, which will take your bags from the airport to your room. It might, however, take up to four hours for you to receive them. A great bonus to a Disney property is how you can have your souvenirs delivered to your hotel room. This is a great way to keep from carrying toys and such from your children all over the park.
  • Consider purchasing the Park Hopper Pass. You can enter all the parks, and some of the water ones, too. You can go from park to park at your leisure. If you buy the complete Disney pass, you will find your park passes, room keys, and credit card can be in one Disney card. It is a great way to keep from losing something.
  • Check out additional special offers. Disney has many special offers. Extra Magic Hours allow a Disney hotel guest to enter the park after it is closed. This is great fun because you may not experience any lines for the rides. Dining plans are also available and usually will pay for themselves after the first meal.

TATA AIG Travel Insurance for Indian visitors

Travel insurance is a necessity for any travelers, whether they are travelling within or outside India. Most of the Indians do not know or do not consider the importance of visitor travel insurance while travelling. Travel insurance meets the financial requirement of the visitor at least anticipated financial crises. The unforeseen emergency might be the result of any medical ailment or due to unpleasant events.

Indian visitors travel to different destinations every year, while travelling you must see that you are insured with visitor travel insurance. Most of the Indian insurance companies know the need of the visitors while travelling. so now a days along with life insurance they are offering general insurance which includes visitor travel insurance for Indians. TATA AIG travel insurance is one of the renowned insurance company which offers travel visitor insurance for Indians.

TATA AIG travel insurance plan covers the insured from any unforeseen emergency while visiting overseas or within India. TATA AIG is the trend setting insurance companies in the travel insurance sphere. TATA AIG travel insurance, the largest travel insurance company in the world offers reliable and affordable travel insurance policies for Indian customers.

TATA AIG General Insurance is one of the prominent insurance companies in India who offer a wide range of travel insurance policies at affordable premium cost. TATA AIG travel insurance policies are relevant for travelers going abroad and staying there for a certain period of time. TATA AIG travel insurance plans are designed to meet the health insurance requirements of the young and old respectively.

TATA AIG travel insurance plans have maximum medical benefits varying as $50,000, $200,000 and $500,000. TATA AIG travel insurance plans are distinguished as Silver, Gold and Platinum plans. Travelers can select any of the plans online and make a quick purchase online. TATA AIG travel insurance plans cover the insured for medical expenses, repatriation, evacuation, accidental death and dismemberment…

Buying TATA AIG overseas travel insurance policy is quick and convenient. Insurance customers can use credit/debit card, cheque or Net transfer facility online and make a purchase. TATA AIG travel insurance policy will be issued, emailed and couriered to the customers after the completion of the premium payment. Email copy and hard copy of TATA AIG  policy are equally valid and can be used for legal process.

Indians insured with TATA AIG travel insurance plan can fulfill their desire of exploring awesome places of the globe. Do not sit at home when the large world outside is eagerly waiting to disclose itself. TATA AIG travel insurance policies understand your need for safe and secure getaways and it assures economical aid in case of emergencies. Choose from a range of exciting economical TATA AIG travel insurance policies and enjoy your travel experience.

Comprehensive Insurance Company in Egypt

Fast growing technology and advanced means of communication and transport has shortened the size of the world. Due to these means, it has become easy to travel abroad for business purposes or for leisure more than ever before. While high-speed travel may simplify complicated business dealings but it also mean possibility of increased risk. The consequences of unseen incidents during travelling can be both serious and complicated.

AMA Travel Shield is a global leader in providing international travel insurance plans that have been developed to provide superior level of insurance protection during travel to overseas countries and necessary support when it is needed most. The Company’s Travel Insurance offers comprehensive insurance cover for emergency medical expenses and a variety of other benefits to diverse type of clients. With an established presence and supporting assistance throughout the world, AMA Travel Shield, offers diverse range of travel insurance solutions having different benefits, for international travelers.

AMA Travel Insurance is a pioneer name in Travel Insurance Companies in Egypt. The Company’s travel insurance platforms are encompassed with assorted unique products to protect the interests of travelers from Egypt when they venture out to international territories for business or leisure activities, covering the unforeseen events which the travelers from Egypt might face while travelling. As one of the leading Travel Insurance Companies in Egypt, AMA has efficiently structured and designed robust travel insurance policies that provide enhanced coverage to the natives of Egypt when they are travelling abroad.

Schengen Visa is a legal document, which has been approved by the appropriate authorities, to make traveling between its 26 European member countries much easier. Travelling with Schengen Visa means that one can travel to any Schengen country with a specialized single visa, thus avoiding the hassle and expense of obtaining individual visas for each country. Travel medical insurance is a mandatory requirement for obtaining a Schengen visa. Buying Schengen travel insurance from AMA Travel Shield allows you to get your Schengen visa to enter the member countries of Schengen areas.

The Company’s dedicated travel insurance plans for Schengen Visa are designed to meet all the requirements of travelers such as cost-effective policy and comprehensive coverage including a medical assistance anywhere and anytime. Apart from medical expenses, AMA Travel Shield travel insurance plans are designed to cover different losses that a traveler might suffer during the trip such as lost luggage, cancellation of flight at the last moment, accident or medical emergency and other events, which can definitely ruin your trip.

In-depth knowledge and customer satisfaction of insurance business has helped AMA Travel Shield to achieve huge clientele globally. The Company does not work as an ordinary insurance company but they work for the best interest of their customers to provide them the most suitable travel insurance. It is a one-stop shop for international travelers to buy comprehensive and efficient travel insurance for worldwide travelling. Whether you are travelling once or several times during a short period of time, AMA Travel Shield travel insurance plans amply match and cover your stay abroad. To find out more, please log on to

Why should one consider opting for travel insurance when planning a vacation abroad?

A vacation abroad is an ideal way to relax and unwind your stress away. But at times, various factors can affect your trip, which can put you in harm’s way. But with travel insurance you will be well protected no matter where you go. Here are a few reasons why you should opt for this insurance on you trip.

Saves your from extra expenditure

No one likes to spend their funds excessively. However, at times, when you are abroad, unexpected events will force you to shell out extra cash. It is a rule, that when you travel abroad, you will require to carry a fixed amount of funds in the local currency. But certain conditions like weather conditions cancelling your travel plans or even a terrorist threat in your travel destination can cause you to shell out extra funds. But with the travel insurance, you can be well assured, that you will be financially protected in such conditions. You only need to apply for this insurance scheme, with a clause that covers such situations.


Provides you financial aid during any emergency

As a traveller abroad, there are various was you can lose your funding. You will be vulnerable to the local elements, who look out for a quick buck or you can suddenly find yourself in a medical emergency, which required an equally urgent hospitalization, wherein you might require immediate treatment. In such cases, you might not have sufficient funds to move ahead. Insurance for travelling will protect you in such cases. You can apply for a cover that includes these clauses to ensure that your travel to your destination will keep you well safe and sound.

Offers assistance for replacement items

Baggage delay or loss is not uncommon during travelling, especially when on a flight. While you may not be able to know if your luggage is about to land in a different country, you can always be prepared for such situations. It is important that you are well organised for such situations as losing your luggage can lead to complications, especially if you are carrying medication or other equally important items. Travel insurance in this way will provide you with the ideal financial aid. You can get your clothes replaced or even your prescription filled with this cover.


These are few reasons which will require you to apply for travel insurance. However, while it may not be an absolute compulsion for you to purchase this insurance, it will go a long way to protect you from any financial loss during your trip abroad. There are several insurance covers that is customized to suit your needs, so pick the right one today!

Note on Important Aspects of Travel Insurance Plans

Travel is a vital part of our life. Travel can be initiated for different reasons varying from business to leisure trips. However, sometimes our travel plans are met with hassles or unforeseen losses. There are times when our dream vacation can be spoilt due to unwanted travel perils.

How to protect self and family from different travel risks?

  • The answer is simply to opt for travel insurance plans.

Is travel insurance worth!

  • Travel insurance policies are more than worth. If you are scared of medical expenses, emergency situation while traveling or trip cancellation losses, then travel insurance can save you.

Important Aspects of Travel Insurance Plans:

    • Trip Cancellation Coverage: Many times trips are cancelled due to numerous factors. Trips or travels can be cancelled, postponed or abrupted due to “business scuffles, sudden change of plan, visa processing interruption, illness, accidents or natural disaster”.

      An appropriate travel insurance plan can give you cover against trip cancellation. Some plans can also add additional features like “accident while airport transfers, travel services provider going bankrupt resulting in cancellation, or any natural disaster“.

      Note:Trips cancellation is an important aspect of travel insurance plans and is mostly covered.

    • Medical Conditions: Travelling is full of pleasure and adventure. However, unforeseen events like sudden illness, accidents, or injury can lead to minor as well as major medical conditions out of country. Travel medical insurance will give you a shield against all financial expenses arising out of medical requirements while traveling.
      This will save you from huge medical costs that can hit you while traveling. The travel medical or major insurance plans don’t cover medical conditions like “HIV / AIDS, suicidal attempts or suicide, and self-inflicted injuries“.

      Note: Physical losses or illness due to drug abuse, alcohol use, and any kind of substance misuse is not covered in travel insurance plans.

  • Region Specified Insurance: Travel Insurance will always be an added cost to your holiday. But, its importance cannot be overlooked. To save on this, it is often advised by experts to opt for region specific travel insurance plans. These region specific plans are always low costs and provide multiple features in their cover.
    There is an advantage of region specific plan as they are more focused on the region you are traveling. So, they often cover the risks specific to the region in their insurance features; making the plan more appropriate for travelers.

    Note: You will have to pay more in case region specific plan is not selected. So, save on premium by opting for region focused travel insurance.

  • Pre-Existing Diseases: There is a notion that pre-existing diseases are not covered in insurance plans. But, travel insurance plans are different in their outlook. In some of the plans even pre-existing diseases are covered to protect you from life threatening complexities or emergencies.

    Note: Pre-existing diseases will only be covered if they occur in conditions where there is a direct threat to your life.

  • Medical Evacuation: Life and future is full of uncertainties. So, evacuation due to any medical emergency is not so rare and can hit you while travelling. Medical Evacuation is generally covered, and all costs incurred to transport the traveler to a sound medical network are facilitated by the insurance plan.

    Note: The medical evacuation cost can be very high, so a cover is essential. The medical evacuation program is also of great help as it gives you a shield against situations like stranding in remote corners without much appreciated facilities.Miscellaneous Benefits: Travel insurance plans come with multiple facilities.

Let’s check few:

  • 24/7 Helpline and Customer Numbers (Speedy Redressed of grievances and instant solutions to any queries)
  • Travel insurance plan for multiple trip in low premium or reduced costs
  • Medical requirements covered even in home country
  • Upper age limit is diluted (So, travel insurance is for one and all)
  • Personal accident cover

Travel Insurance should always be brought after careful consideration and discussion with experts.

The Right Travel Insurance Policy – A Must For Stress-Free Travel

When heading for a trip whether alone or with your family, it is always advisable for travelers to purchase a relevant travel insurance, especially if you are traveling internationally. It is better to stay safe and secure, whether you are on a business trip or a family holiday. However, in case of any emergency your travel insurance will help you out. Having an appropriate travel insurance will ultimately reduce the risk of high costs that you have to bear in another country, if something bad happens. There are numerous companies that offer distinct types of coverage. Although, not all travel policies are same. Before purchasing the right travel insurance, you must be sure that you are fully covered during your travel.

As a traveller, it is your duty to review the travel insurance policy by taking into consideration the following factors.

1. Finding Out Your Previous Coverages

It is better to check various other insurance coverages that you have. This is because some banks freely provides basic travel insurance coverage for their customers. Also, look at your home insurance policy as well. Such types of coverage often covers the loss of personal articles while you are away from home.

2. Be Sure The Policy Covers All The Basics

While purchasing the right travel insurance policy for you, make sure that its covers all the necessary areas or aspects such as medical, loss of luggage and personal items and cancellation policy.

3. Consider Your Activities

Not all travel insurance policies are the same and hence they should be modified according to your itinerary. Apart from the basic coverage plans of the policy like flight delays or cancellations, travellers must prepare according to the activities they have lined up during their tour. Like a travel insurance plan in case of a beach getaway will be slight different from backpacking through Europe. Therefore, a responsible traveller must consider such factors to avoid problems later on. Further, buying a tailored travel insurance policy is a huge help.

4. Read The Fine Print

The major thing that is usually taken for granted is the fine print. Different companies have different rules, in case of to pre-existing medical conditions. Pre-existing medical conditions are covered by a few service providers, if the insurance plan is purchased before the travel period, as early as two weeks. Although, others specify the conditions that are completely excluded from the travel insurance policy. Such things could result in a huge difference in the costs of policy.
5. Avoid Getting The Last Minute Policy

Taking into consideration all these points, it is best to purchase the plan at the time you book your flight or cruise tickets. Choosing a policy at the last minute can result into augmented fee. However, buying a travel insurance plan as early as possible will give better chances of affordable deals. It may also provide coverage against unfortunate circumstances like flight cancellations due to bad weather, airline strikes or upto 24 hours emergency re-scheduling before the scheduled flight.

6. Confident About Destination Coverage

Unfortunately, not all insurance companies provide coverage for all the countries. Like US & Caribbean are generally, however not automatically included in policies, a few African countries like Egypt and Morocco are covered in European ones. So, if you are going to multiple locations or buying an annual policy, these points must be properly considered.

7. More Beneficiary

It is important to know that an annual coverage has some other benefits as compared to a single trip policy. If you have plans to go for two or three holidays in a year, you must buy an annual policy that will help you to save some extra money. Similarly in a single trip policy, make sure you opt for maximum number of days covered like 45 days or some for just 21. However, travel agents will suggest to go for specific backpacker’s travel insurance policy, if you are going for backpacking.

How Do Frequent International Travellers Buy Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance for your travel is important and you must buy the insurance policy, especially at the time of international travel. One can never foresee the circumstances, one may stumble upon and it is always advisable to take the right measures to ensure one’s safety. Insurance policy offers you a lot more than just safety, they offer you the convenience and a helping hand in the hour of need. Precaution is better than cure, as we all know.


A travel insurance plan covers your unexpected expenses incurred before or during your trip. Itcovers an array of expenses such as those of non-refundable air ticket fare on cancellation of the tickets, emergency medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, emergency dental expenses, hospital expenses in case of sickness or an accident, accidental death and permanent total disability, flight delay, loss of check-in baggage, loss of personal documents, and the list could go on. Thus is a wise decision to avail the travel insurance for each of your travel.


If you are a frequent traveller and are travelling to international lands frequently, then you must avail travel insurance for all your travels. You must plan your insurance policy in keeping with the expected travel a year, as many insurance companies offer you an annual travel insurance policy which you could easily avail. The travel insurance online facility must be availed for convenience.


There are many policy than one can choose from. For frequent travellers it is advisable to choose the multi-trip or the annual plan policy.


  • No medical procedure or health checkup is generally required to avail travel insurance online or offline.
  • Round the clock assiatnce is provided to you by your insurance covering institution. Number of helplines and guidance is provided to you for emergencies.
  • You may choose additional package benefits if you are going for holidays such as that of snow pack, cruise pack adventure pack and others offered by various insurance institutions and you may opt for them using the travel insurance online portals to save time and do so at any given time.
  • The insurance policy excludes certain circumstances from being covered under the policy and you must make a note of it such as terrorism,self inflicted injury,non-adherence to medical advice, HIV or AIDs, treatment of nervous and mental problems and more.
  • Use netbanking to avail your insurance policy from home and with much ease.

If you travel internationally very frequently then you must ensure to avail the benefits of the multi-trip or the annual travel insurance policy. It is imperative to be safe and sound while travelling to international grounds specially as new places and people call for unexpected situations and you should be well protected at all times.

4 Situations When You Badly Need Overseas Travel Insurance

To live is to travel but travelling without insurance is a serious risk. Traveling abroad might get you in many troublesome situations like loss of baggage, passport, health related troubles, flight delays, etc. which can leave you an empty pocket. This is where overseas travel insurance comes into picture and is a great support. It protects you from unanticipated medical and non-medical emergencies while you are on your trip – be it business, leisure or adventure.

Let’s take a look at four crucial situations when having overseas travel insurance would prove to be an unparalleled relief.

1. Loss of baggage: Losing your baggage or passport on the trip is the most common trouble people face while travelling overseas. This is the time when the overseas travel insurance India can help you greatly. Though this policy may not reimburse for everything that was in your bag, but it will certainly cover some of your valuable belongings, thus keeping you at peace. Bag loss coverage is particularly important if you are carrying valuables while travelling because in case you lose them, the insurance policy can reimburse some amount to compensate your loss. The coverage value for this varies from one company to another, and the refund is being made based on the basis of the evaluation of the items in your bag. Note that if your baggage is lost due to burglary or theft, you will be given a fixed compensation for your loss.

2. Cancellation/interruption of your trip: Traveling anywhere involves unplanned expenditure, which is often non-refundable. Generally you plan your trip in advance, but what if you have to cancel the trip or have to return early? In such cases, if you have an overseas travel policy that deals with trip cancelation and interruption (TCI), you won’t have to worry about anything. TCI does not cover for all but at least covers situations like injury, sickness, a close relative dying, or if the company through which you bought airline tickets or hotel rooms went out of business. Such situations allow you to get a disbursement from the insurance company to compensate for the non-refundable payments you made for the trip.
3. Emergency medical evacuation: The third most important reason to have overseas travel insurance India is to get your health insured. No matter whether you have a health insurance from the insurance provider or through your employer, you might not be covered in that policy once you cross country’s borders. In this case, your overseas travel policy with emergency medical evacuation coverage will cover you. In developing countries, many hospitals will treat you without examining your insurance, but they won’t let you leave until you pay them for that treatment. Also, check whether your health policy or the travel policy provides medical evacuation too in case of fatal disease or death.

4. Accidental death: Similar to being covered for your health while traveling, make sure that your travel policy covers for an injury that you might face due to an accident. Unfortunate events like sudden death or serious disability are never predictable but create a huge emotional and financial crisis. While one can never compensate for the emotional trauma you face, but your overseas travel policy might lower your burden financially by paying a fixed pre-decided amount in such situations. This amount depends on your cover and the riders that you may subsequently have.

Robust Travel Insurance for Schengen

The very concept of travel insurance relates to efficiently covering up the comprehensive medical expenses that a traveller may suffer in case of an injury or unexpected sickness that arises during the period of one’s trip. One needs comprehensive travel insurance when they are travelling to a foreign country as the insurance carries the ability to personally cover any form of health care that one might need during their stay in a foreign country. In the modern day scenario, travel insurance is a must for almost everyone, especially the elderly people who have certain predetermined medical conditions and depend on constant therapy. The insurance provides travellers with the utmost sense of security, a promise that someone will take care of them at the time of need.


Apart from the critical medical expenses, travel insurance is also designed to cover different losses that one might suffer during their overseas trip. Unexpected critical situations like lost luggage, delay or cancellation of flights at the last moment, loss of passport or accommodation problems can definitely ruin well-planned trips and the protection against all this is a travel insurance plan.

AMA Travel Shield is one of the pioneer providers of eminent travel insurance. Their insurance covers have been structured keeping in mind the most complex scenarios which one might suffer at the time of travelling to overseas destination. Whether you are planning on travelling once or multiple times during a decided period, travel insurance policy from AMA Travel Shield will eminently match and cover the duration of your stay and travel in international territories.

Anyone who plans to travel to the Schengen, be it an individual or group of tourists or a business traveller, they would have to submit a Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa. AMA Travel Shield’s Schengen Visa Travel Insurance, duly complies with all the pre-requisites that are required for obtaining a Schengen visa. The policy has been structured, keeping in mind the minutest of details, which the forum certifies before issuing the Schengen visa.


The Schengen areas were formed by the fellow countries of European nations to embrace the flow of goods and people by simply eliminating the need of visa and immigration controls at shared borders. There are currently 26 countries that fall under the Schengen area. AMA Travel Shield provides you with enhanced protection within the area of Schengen through their Schengen Visa Travel Insurance. Once you arrive in the area, you will be able to freely move through all of the listed countries without the need of going through customs again.

Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa, adds to the level of protection that these countries seek for the global travellers. AMA Travel Shield core mission is to serve their clients at the time of critical emergency. Their plans have been upgraded from time to time keeping in mind the needs of modern day travelling. This ensures that the company achieves the greatest level of customer satisfaction.

Train-ing Days: Boston to Flagstaff by Train

There are two schools of thought when it comes to traveling. One is the “I want to get to my destination quickly and start my vacation” school, and the other is “Getting to my destination is as much a part of my vacation as where I’m going.” I prefer the latter. I build in my travel mode as part of my vacation, thus allowing the extra time to get there.

I recently had the opportunity to go to Arizona. I could have taken a plane and been there in six hours. But, it would have been the most miserable start to my vacation. Airplanes since September 11, 2001, offer virtually no service, no amenities, and no food or drink unless requested. It’s not like the old days, when you took off and the attendants came around to see to your needs. “Would you like a drink, ma’am?” “Can I get you a pillow for your head?” “We are serving chicken or fish for dinner, which would you prefer?” They worked tirelessly walking up and down the aisles seeing to the comfort of their passengers, cart rolling along in front of them with cans of soda and mixers, nips of alcohol, peanuts, pretzels, and ice. Now you must flag them down, ask for what you want, then wait while they bring it to you. No more carts. No ice permitted. Pillows cost extra.

The seats are crowded two and three abreast. No one speaks to each other unless they are traveling together. They show movies and play music, but the headphones cost extra. Following take-off, everyone takes out their laptops, I-pods, cell phones, and hand-held video games, and spend the entire flight thus engaged.

A plane, these days, is nothing more than a bus with wings. The difference is, the view is better from the bus. I checked out both, buses and trains, as possible modes of transportation for my trip and was surprised to discover that the bus costs more than the train, and the train costs only $40 dollars more than a plane. The decision was easy. I booked a train from Boston to Flagstaff, a trip which would take 55 hours, or two days, seven hours.

Now, I am aware that trains, like buses, and airplanes, almost never run on schedule, but if I’m going to be late getting somewhere, I would rather have a club car that serves food and drink, a dining car that serves meals, an observation car that allows me a spectacular view in a wide comfy armchair, and plenty of room to walk around

I bought my ticket and boarded my train, The Lake Shore Ltd., from Boston to Chicago. I was the first person on board and had my choice of seats. I sat in the middle of the train against the window. I then pulled down my table, and took out all of my traveling gear: laptop, music, DVD’s, book, and cell phone. I had two outlets right beside me so I didn’t have to worry about charging my batteries. My seat came equipped with a pull out leg rest, as well as a foot rest on the seat in front of me. The seats were wide and comfortable. I settled right in. As soon as the train started moving and the conductor checked everyone’s tickets, I was handed a pillow–free of charge.

I left at 11:55 am on January 31, 2011. It was cold in Boston, and a snow warning was in effect for New England. Lucky me, I thought, I’m getting out in the nick of time. The view from my window through Massachusetts was lovely. The quaint towns of Western Massachusetts, the vast tracts of farmland complete with livestock, the white steepled churches for which we are famous, and the splendor of the Berkshires. Today, against the darkening gray sky pregnant with snow, the Berkshires seemed mystical, surrounded as they were by the mist at the higher elevations. The Berkshires were followed immediately by the Adirondacks of New York, the slow climb over these mountains offered glorious, panoramic views of the forest, even without their leaves, as well as rivers, streams, and valleys.

Our first rest stop came in Albany, NY. The train was being split between those going south to New York City, and those traveling west to Chicago. We had a half-hour layover, in which to get off the train, wander around a little and talk to our fellow passengers. Meeting people is easy on a train. You simply ask: “Where are you headed?” and the conversation begins immediately. There are as many stories on a train as there are passengers. One young man was a musician moving to Chicago in the hopes of making it big out there. Another woman was heading to Buffalo to be reunited with her daughter whom she hadn’t seen in many years. I spoke to one middle-aged man who was planning to see the entire country by train. He had an ‘America by rail’ pass, plenty of time, and was heading all the way to Los Angeles. I met a soldier coming home from Iraq, as well as another being deployed to Afghanistan. I also met a man on welfare from Boston who had made arrangements to be on welfare in California. “Why should I freeze in Boston when I can get the same benefits somewhere warm?” You meet all kinds of people on the train.

I re-boarded and took my seat. As night fell, I grabbed from my carry-on, my little bag containing toothbrush, floss, and washcloth, and went into the bathroom to do my evening ablutions. I then put a movie on my computer and promptly fell asleep while watching it. The conductor turned down the lights, and the gentle rocking of the train put me right to sleep. The train was not crowded and most people spread out across both seats. In the morning, I could see feet sticking out from every aisle as even couples separated to have their own ‘couch’.

In the morning, I again brushed and flossed my teeth, washed my face, combed my hair, and changed my underwear and socks, discreetly returning to my seat and stuffing the dirty laundry in the bottom of my carry-on. Then, I made my way to the club car and got myself a large cup of black coffee, which I then brought to a table and started drinking. Before long, I had company. Someone I had not yet met, who was interested in my Regis College sweatshirt. He lived in Newton, near Weston, where the school was located and we talked about Newton, Waltham and Boston. He was headed to Cleveland to see his mom. It was a surprise. He hadn’t seen her in two years. She had moved out there to live with her sister when her husband, his father had died. We then drank our coffee, looking out the window and commenting on the scenery south of Buffalo. I went back for another cup of coffee, and decided to head back to my seat.

I had a lot of texting to do. Everyone back home wanted to know where I was, what I was doing, was I having fun? I took many pictures with my cell phone and sent them off to everyone along with a note telling them where I was and yes, I was having fun. I also gave daily status reports on Face book using my cell phone, since trains, unlike buses, do not have wi-fi. That done, I slipped a CD into my computer, put on my headphones and watched the scenery of Pennsylvania and Ohio go by complete with soundtrack.

In Cleveland, we were again allowed to exit the train. Right next to us was Browns’ stadium. My friend from the club car was off to surprise his mom. I wished him well, and got back on the train. Somehow, overnight, we lost about 2 hours, and it looked like we wouldn’t get into Chicago until noon, rather than the 9:45am originally expected. Almost no one cared. Chicago was a long layover for most of us traveling further so the less time to hang around the better. Outside, it was beginning to spit snow. No reason to think it would be a problem.

We arrived in Chicago’s Union Station around noon on Tuesday, February 1. My layover had been reduced from five hours to just a little more than two. I made my way through the vast station, pulling my carry-on, (I had the foresight to check my baggage all the way through to Flagstaff so as not to have to deal with it in the station) and went straight to ticketing to find out the gate and track number from which my train would leave. That done, I went outside to see the place of my birth, and perhaps to do a little exploring.

It was snowing, blowing, and freezing cold out there. I decided against exploring, but took a few pictures anyway. I went back inside, bought a newspaper and some gum, and headed up the escalator to the food court. I found a McDonald’s, ordered a cheeseburger and a large coffee, and found myself a seat. According to the paper, Chicago was in for a big storm. Up to two feet of snow. I hoped that I would be out of there before the situation got worse.

While I was eating my burger and drinking my coffee, one of my train buddies sat down in the seat across from me. He too was headed to Arizona, but he was traveling on a different train, and was having himself some Chinese food from some other part of the food court. We talked for a while, then we both pulled out our cell phones and texted people their updates. I wished him well, then returned to my paper, and he got up to board his train.

I ventured out once more to have a look at the weather and my city, which I would have to explore on the return trip. The snow was picking up and the wind was howling. They don’t call it the windy city for nothing. I went back to the food court, found the rest room, then grabbed a table to sit and wait. I was right under the information board, and was glad to see that my train was still leaving on time. It looked to be the only one. All the other trains were marked delayed and some were marked cancelled. This was a little disconcerting. I checked my watch. One hour to go. Boarding usually occurred a half hour before leaving, so I updated my Face Book page, and headed to my gate.

One look at the waiting area told me this was going to be a crowded train. I spotted a man from my previous train and went over to sit beside him. He was a handsome, gray-haired gentleman, with the body of someone who works out regularly, but not overly. He had gorgeous blue eyes, and a devastating smile, with which he now presented me. We had not spoken on the previous train, but had passed each other often, always smiling at one another. He welcomed me to the seat beside him and said he remembered me from the Lake Shore Ltd. I remembered him too. Who could see this guy and not remember him? I wished I’d thought to get his name and number, but, I have always preferred the anonymous kind of acquaintanceship.

The conversation then turned to football, Steelers or Packers in the Super bowl. Several people got involved in that conversation: Roughly half for the Pack and half for the Steelers. I, of course, said Steelers all the way.

Then the call came for the boarding of the handicapped, senior citizens, families with children, and active duty military personnel. The rest of us would be called after. We were then told to have our tickets in our hands, already signed, accompanied by our ID. We got up and stood in line to board. They said they would be assigning seats since we had a full train. The man behind me told me, he just made this train, because all flights had been cancelled in Chicago. No wonder we were so crowded. I would later find out that ours would be the last train out before the canceling of all other train traffic.

I got up to the ticket taker, whispering in my head, ‘window seat, please be a window seat’. She asked where I was going, I said Flagstaff, she wrote a number on my stub and directed me to the third car. This train, The Southwest Chief, was a luxury double-decker train with all the amenities, including dining car and observation car. The Lakeshore Ltd. only had the club car.

I boarded the train, at 2:30pm, CST, looked up my seat number and breathed an enormous sigh of relief when I realized I got the window seat. I also got a seat-mate. It was fine though. She was a young girl, who, like me, was just going to watch movies on her laptop and was only going as far as Kansas City. She was very sweet and didn’t mind my constant trips to get coffee and go to the bathroom. She brought with her a ton of junk food: Hershey bars, potato chips, peanuts, and snickers bars.

We barely got out of the station, when we were made to hold up to allow for the Metra trains to get through. The Mayor was shutting down the city and sending everyone home from work. The snow was really piling up out there, and I just wanted to get out before they changed their mind and cancelled our train. After an hour on the tracks, allowing all the Metra traffic through, we were finally able to proceed. The general feeling among the passengers was that we would simply move out of the snow zone since we were headed in a southwesterly direction. That proved to be false however, as it seemed the entire country was involved in this storm. It was like ‘the Perfect Storm’ on land. Three systems were converging from the East, from the West, and from the South. There was no escaping it. We were traveling at about 30 miles an hour and had to stop frequently to allow other trains to pass us, before the switchers could manually unfreeze the switches and let us pass. Each time we did this, it took approximately 40 minutes for the trains to reach us and pass us, and 10 minutes to unfreeze and manually switch the tracks so that we could go.

The view from my window was like something from ‘The Day After Tomorrow’. Wind whipped snow, 2 foot drifts, cars stopped dead in their tracks on the highways and bridges. By the time darkness fell, we were still in Illinois. My seat mate was expected in Kansas City at 9pm. We did not get there until 3am. I went outside for a moment in KC. The wind-driven snow just beat my face and soaked me in seconds. I got back on the train.

Once again, I had my seat to myself. I brushed my teeth and went to sleep watching ‘Moth man Prophecies’. By morning the snow had stopped, and everything as far as the eye could see was blanketed in white. It was frigid outside, in the single digits, but the sun was shining. We were still crawling at a snail’s pace, now because of the icy tracks. It was Wednesday, February 2, and I was expected in Flagstaff at 9:51pm. That wasn’t going to happen. We just left Dodge City, Kansas, and our next rest stop was La Junta, Colorado. The word was we were still running about six hours late. I texted my Sister-in-law who would be picking me up in Flagstaff that we were running six hours behind schedule and not to expect me before 3:00am.

Meanwhile, the passengers and I all settled in for a longer journey than we originally expected. No one was upset. After all, there was nothing anyone could do about the weather, and we were all happy that we had taken our time for safety’s sake. Our car had become like one big coterie of friends. We were talking about everything from our children, grandchildren, the Super Bowl and, of course, the weather.

The scenery outside, had gone from the plains of Missouri and Kansas, to the high hills and distant mountains of Colorado. At La Junta, Colorado, my very handsome man got off the train. We hugged and said our goodbyes and I regretted even more that I never got his name.

When we reached Raton, we would have reached our highest elevation of about 7000 ft. The climb through the Raton Pass was very slow and winding. Every few minutes, I found myself having to yawn as we increased altitude. The view was spectacular, sometimes being so close to the mountains that I was afraid to breathe for fear of rocks falling. Below, I could see where many rocks had indeed already fallen. Occasionally, I could see the distance below and marvel at how high we were. It was truly amazing. Then we passed through a long, dark tunnel and on the other side we were in Raton.

We had a brief exercise break in Raton and a lot of passengers got out to stretch their legs, take in air, or smoke a cigarette. There would not be another break until Albuquerque. A group of Amish that had boarded with us in Chicago, came out and raced through the snow and around the station. They were wearing only their shirt sleeves, vests and hats. The cold didn’t seem to bother them much and they were clearly having fun. It was amusing to see them enjoying themselves so much. They were located in the downstairs portion of my car and kept pretty much to themselves, though they always had a ready smile for the other passengers when they crossed paths in the club car or the observation car.

After a few minutes, it was back on the train again. I was freezing and went straight to the club car for coffee, then sat in the observation car for a while to sip my brew as we continued through the mountains on our way to Albuquerque. The observation car and the dining car are the only places where the coach passengers can mingle with the sleeping car passengers. I used this opportunity to find out more about the other passengers on the train. A lot of them were first timers, who simply decided to try the luxury of sleeper car train travel. They were not disappointed. They loved the privacy, the elite service, the free meals, even the community seating in the dining car. Their main reason for choosing sleepers was so they could sleep in a bed in a room to themselves, rather than in a seat, possibly having to sit up if they had a seat mate. Most that I spoke to were simply on vacation, choosing the train over the plane so that they could see America from the ground.

By the time we got to Albuquerque, it was nearly 8:00pm MST. I was supposed to be in Flagstaff at 9:51. Obviously, we were still running about six hours behind schedule. My sister-in-law booked a room in Flagstaff and told me to call when I got in. I went out for my air break, and to chat with my fellow passengers, but it was bitter cold outside, being only about 10 degrees. When I went inside, I did my evening cleaning up rituals, packed up my carry-on bag with all my electronic gadgets, and settled in for a nap, keeping one ear open for my stop. I didn’t want to miss it and wind up in Los Angeles.

My inner clock awoke me at 3:00am, fully expecting to see some sign of Flagstaff coming up. Instead, I got a text from my sister-in-law saying that she checked the schedule for my train, and I would likely not be in before 5am. Obviously, we had lost a couple more hours along the way. In Albuquerque, we had to add two more cars to our train to pick up passengers that were scheduled to be on a train that never left Chicago. That slowed us down some. The cold weather no doubt did the rest. Trains can’t travel very fast on icy tracks.

Well, I was awake now, and looking out of the darkened window, I could see lights in the distance. I watched as they got closer and closer, then discovered it was Winslow, Arizona. Right away, the song popped into my head: “I was standing on the corner of Winslow, Arizona, such a fine sight to see.” It stayed with me all the way to Flagstaff.

At 4:45am, I finally arrived in Flagstaff. The temperature was -5 degrees. I sent a bulk text to everyone telling them I had, at last, arrived at my destination. Patty, my sister-in-law, was there within 10 minutes during which time, I secured my luggage, still covered in Chicago snow. We went back to the hotel, I took a nice, really hot shower, and we headed down to Chandler, stopping to get a hot coffee at the gas station. I remained in Chandler for ten days, helping my niece rehab from a bad car accident. The effort was successful, my niece going from a wheelchair to a cane in the time that I was there.

I boarded the train from Flagstaff on February 13, at 5:41am and arrived in Chicago for a six hour layover at 3:15 pm on the 14th. The scenery in between was absolutely spectacular, now that I could actually see it without all the snow on the ground.

This time the weather was a warm 40 degrees. The train was early and I got to explore Chicago and take lots of pictures. There was no evidence that a storm had ever come through there. From Chicago to Boston, the train ran 1 hour ahead of schedule. What a difference 10 days makes. If you asked me to take a train anywhere in the country right now, I would say sure, you bet. It was the best vacation I have had in a long time.

Enjoying Eating Delicious Meal in Train By Booking Through Online Food Delivery Sites

Introduction of Private Caterers –

To meet the growing demands of the passengers from all over the country, who have been travelling by train and look forwards to have good, delicious food, the introduction of online sites that provide them with mouthwatering hygienic food is really a dream come true and a boon. Now, one can think about having food delivery in train at Vijayawada booked through reputed online sites like TravelKhana.

All Types of Food –

No one would like to compromise on food and are eager to have something to eat that offers them value worth the money. Nowadays, the online sites do present them a plethora of choice to choose from. People can simply log onto those sites and look at the different caterers who supply food in train at Vijayawada. They can go through the menu on offer and accordingly book their choice of food that will meet their requirements, tastes and budget.

Not Having To Take the Trouble –

No more are the passengers required to take an additional bag for carrying food with them. With different people having different needs and moods, booking food online can be a wonderful choice that can easily meet every individual’s specific requirement. At the same time, eating same food every time during the journey can be really boring. Also, carrying food during summer would mean, the food getting spoilt after sometime and being no more hygienic. It would only prove to be waste of effort, time and energy. Moreover, the additional bag can become a burden throughout the journey. This is where, online sites offering food can be termed to be a real savior

Enjoying Hygienic and Good Quality Food –

Most caterers these days that serve food inside the train have tied up with well known caterers belonging to specific regions and near the stations, throughout the country. This way, when the passengers book their choice of food for particular caterers through the web, immediately the order is taken up and executed on time. The caterers ensure that food is supplied at the specific station as mentioned. What the individual needs to do is to simply enter the PNR number, with which the caterers can find the train details, by which the passenger would be travelling.

Booking is very easy and just takes a couple of clicks and providing little information. Payments can be either made by cash on delivery or through credit cards and debit cards. Also, one can gift food coupons to their near and dear ones when they are traveling to ensure that they are safe and sound.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train for Traveling In India

Soon after the success of Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey luxury train was modeled by the Indian Railway. The main motive was to increase the footfall on the Konkan route of the Indian Railway. Without a second thought, there are numerous reasons that make Deccan Odyssey journey highly demanded by the guests visiting India to explore the historical and cultural richness in the most luxurious manner. Here are the top ten reasons to choose Deccan Odyssey luxury train for traveling in India.

REASON #1 – Hospitality:

Following the culture of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, meaning ‘Guest is God’, India is praised across seas. Thus, the same attribute is instilled in this luxury train. The warmth of hospitality extended is worth mentioning. The guests are welcomed warmly with utmost care and sensitivity. Throughout the journey, the tour managers, butlers and guides are present to look after the needs and requirements of the guests.

REASON #2 – Décor:

The décor of the train compliments the elements of the magnificence and lavishness of the luxury train. As the travel travels through the state of Maharashtra, the cabins are intricately designed to reflect the culture of erstwhile Maratha Maharajas of India.

REASON #3 – Facilities:

Along with the royal décor of the train, the contemporary facilities and services make this luxury train travel a sought-after journey. In the host of services, air-conditioning, WI-FI connectivity, and conferencing facility, are a few to mention. Similarly, there are many other services that help in assuring comfortable travel to the guests.

REASON #4 – Cuisines:

This luxury train in India is also praised for serving authentic local cuisines along with an array of Indian, oriental and continental cuisines. Apart from onboard meal facilities, lunch and dinner are also arranged at reputed hotels, palaces, fortresses, etc., to further incorporate the theme of royalty in the journey.

REASON #5 – Real India:

The Deccan Odyssey is one of the fascinating ways to discover the real India. The journey of this luxury train unfolds the magnificent history of the Marathas. Spreading the colors of royalty, the journey drives you its own special world.

REASON #6 – Local Sightseeing:

The sightseeing feature is the most important reason that makes travelers opt for this luxury train travel. Along with the guests on a leisure trip, the corporate travelers could also enjoy local sightseeing. The train makes its guests see the attractions of Mumbai, Sindhudurg, Goa, Kolhapur, Daulatabad, Ajanta and Nasik.


REASON #7 – Meeting New People:

The journey allows the guests to interact with new people and build the bond of friendship. The guests onboard become like a family. Thus, the journey also provides the opportunity to exchange the cultural ethics among themselves.

REASON #8 – Privacy:

On this royal journey, the couples could enjoy quality time with each other in their private compartments. These cabins have all basic as well as modern facilities available that ensure a comfortable stay to the guests.

REASON #9 – A Relaxed Way of Traveling:

Throughout the journey, the guests feel relaxed. Along with exploring the richness of India, the guests are provided relaxed journey, and to enhance the experience, cultural programs are arranged and performed by the local artists.

REASON #10 – Insider Experiences:

This luxury train does not only provide travelling to the destinations new to you, but also earn a lifetime experience. May it be onboard or sightseeing, the overall journey is full of cherished experiences.

Exploring the unique vista of incredible India, Deccan Odyssey luxury train travel is a must to be opted. This is one of the best and simple ways to get close with the royalty of India and enjoy the hospitality that marks the glimpses of the erstwhile Maharaja Era.

Food Ideas For Your Indian Train Journey

Every summer holidays, we used to travel to my grandparents’ place – it was an overnight journey. Like most kids, my sister and I, used to look forward to the train journey. Apart from the journey, meeting new passengers, the chaos, the scenery and window seats, one of the most interesting things on the train ride was ‘food time’ – some how eating on trains was so much fun.

Here are some of my favorite dishes for train travel:

1. Lemon Rice and boiled egg

2. Idlis and pickles

3. Curd rice and pickles

4. Poori and Potato Fry

5. Fruits – This I highly recommend – Whatever mains you pack, make sure you take some fruits along.

6. Sandwiches – This is actually my favorite – I use at least four different kinds of fillings and the kids like the variety.

7. Snacks – like murukku, om podi, bhelpuri etc…

8. Sweets – Again like fruits, this is something I rarely forget to take along – I normally have them when I am having some quiet time and am enjoying the view from my window.

Now that we have covered the food, let’s get into the food accessories – I mean other things that you need to take along with your food – things that will make your meal enjoyable and tidying up after you have eaten easy. Here is the list of food accessories you must take along for your train travel:
1. Paper Plates

2. Spoons and Forks – And don’t forget some serving spoons as well.

3. Tissues – dry and wet tissues – wet tissues come in very handy, so don’t forget them.

4. Plastic bags – for garbage collection

5. Bottles of water

One more tip about packing food – always pack them in individual packs – easier and less messy when serving – especially when you have little kids traveling with you.

If you don’t like packing food and taking it along with you then you can always order food in the train kitchen or you can buy some food at one of the stations – Long queues puts me off from buying food at the stations – If you don’t mind this then go ahead and buy – food is quite cheap and also less work for you.

Train travel in India is so much fun – love it.

10 Train Journeys You Shouldn’t Miss!


“Travel is more than having a destination in mind; it’s discovering a place in your heart you’ve never been before.” – Mark Amend

So true! Isn’t it?

As the train whistles past the stations, pillars, posts, dilapidated huts and a few faces, every time, your gaze ends interrupted. You dash out from the window, chase the visuals and feel outpaced; you start afresh to end up the same way, over and over again. In the loss, you win. You witness the true colors of life, the realities along the rail track; elusive they may seem with their speed, but etched in memory they walk back to your home and heart. That’s the beauty of a train journey.

We are so fortunate to have a number of wonderful trains from all around the globe taking us through the places even undreamt of. So, let’s scroll down and have a look at them!

1.    Pride of Africa Namibia Safari

Pride of Africa Namibia Safari – Yes, it is the pride of Africa in the literal sense as it takes you through the Savannahs along with the deserts in South Africa and Namibia, finishing on the Atlantic Ocean in the west. Every year late April to early May, Pride of Africa departs for a nine-day 2,000-mile journey.  Charting its way through a warm, dry climate and vast unscathed natural beauty, this train journey takes you to Kimberley Big Hole and Diamond Mine Museum, Fish River Canyon, Etosha National Park and game lodge, Sossusvlei – largest sand dunes and much more.

Price: $5,440 – $11,000
Route: Pretoria – Swakopmund

2.    Venice Simplon Orient Express Europe

Remember Venice Simplon Orient Express Europe? Yes, you guess it right! This Orient Express is that very train, which got the fame assured when Hercule Poirot the detective of Agatha Christie’s novel stepped aboard through her pages. It is a six-day train journey in the lap of luxury offering awesome natural scenery while traveling from Paris to Istanbul.  The stops, Budapest and Bucharest open up as the concurrent point for tourists seeking adventure, style and romance along their ride.

Price: Between US$1,230 (one night, Paris-London) and US$12,070 (five nights, Paris–Istanbul)
Route: Paris – Istanbul

3.    Rocky Mountaineer Trans Canada Rail Adventure

A perfect blend of on-train amenities and off-train excursions, Rocky Mountaineer Trans Canada Rail Adventure is a complete rail adventure. Take a step ahead to enjoy the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains. This is a 12-day train journey, which offers you panoramic views along with abundant wildlife exploration. And yes one thing more! You have to keep your eyes out from the double glazed windows just like a falcon so as to enjoy bears and beavers trackside.

Price: Economy Seating US$830; Sleeper Berth US$1,435; Sleeper Cabin US$2,160.
Route: Vancouver – Toronto (Niagara Falls)

4.    Bernina Express, St Moritz, Switzerland to Tirano, Italy

Enjoy the open red carriage of Bernina Express that gives you a close-up with the Alps. All the way from Chur to Lugano, the north-south Alpine crossing is a breathtaking view as you travel over boldly curved viaducts via winding tunnels and past ice-age glaciers. Not only this, you will love the deep gorges and ravines out there as well. Bernina Express is the highest rail crossing of the Alps exhibiting commendable engineering genii. Enjoying this train journey during spring season is the best as you can differentiate the efflorescence of Val Poschiavo and the icy wastes.

Price: US$125
Route: Chur – Albula Valley – Pontresina – Bernina Pass – Poschiavo – Tirano – Lugano

5.    Bergen to Oslo in winter, Norway

Bergen to Oslo is the highest railway in Northern Europe with 182 tunnels, which are carved into the terrain in order to fashion one of the most scenic train journeys of the world. The time you come out from the fjords and their rock-bound tunnels, you are greeted by a lunar landscape. That sight of snowy grasslands shining in the winter sun along with the hut roofs, which peek out from the all-consuming snow are simply out-of-the-world.

Price: $1,250
Route: Bergen – Oslo

6.    Hiram Bingham, Peru

Hiram Bingham assures you a lifetime experience and a magical four-hour journey that is never to be forgotten. You ascend almost 2,500 meters above sea level to the ancient Peruvian ruins. Hiram Bingham is one of the shortest luxury trains meandering through the overwhelming Andes Mountains, which is the easiest way to tackle the Inca Trail.

Price: US$588 round-trip
Route: Cusco – Machu Picchu

7.    Glacier Express, Switzerland

Glacier Express, Switzerland is ‘A train to fall in love with’! A great way to see the Alps! There may be quicker ways to travel from Zermatt or St Moritz, but none matches the Glacier Express.  To enjoy the views of spectacular rivers, enchanted castles, snowy mountains, delightful villages and peaceful alpine pastures; Glacier Express is the one for you. This train journey takes up to eight hours to travel 270 kilometers through some 291 bridges, which are hung transversely valleys and in between the towering mountains.

Price: First Class US$230; Second Class US$140
Route: Zermatt or St Moritz (Switzerland)

8.    Tren a las Nubes, Argentina

Not so easy to express in words, the landscapes Tren a las Nubes offers are just AMAZING! Hailed as “Train to the Clouds”, Tren a las Nubes is one of the great train journeys of South America since 1932. The best part of this trip is its stunning viaduct that is 64m (210ft) high and 224m (735ft) long. A spectacular engineering marvel that extends an enormous desert canyon at La Polvorilla. Tren a las Nubes is a 16-hour and 270-mile round trip, which leaves from Argentinean city of Salta, once a week. The train passes from lowland ranches and tobacco fields, 21 tunnels, and 29 bridges.

Price: US$185
Route: Salta- El Alisal- Chorrillos- Mina Concordia- La Polvorilla

9.    The Ghan, Australia

A three-day and two-night trip, The Ghan is a transcontinental adventure offering an unrivaled view of Australia from the north to the south. The Ghan is run by The Great Southern Rail covering an area of 1,851 miles to Darwin, via Alice Springs and Katherine. The distance in itself is breathtaking, and the colors, as well as the desert topography, are life-changing. Covering 969 miles, the overnight trip from Adelaide to Alice Springs is just superb as it takes you through endless scenes of wilderness. Right from Macdonnell Ranges to the Great Victoria Desert, you will travel through sheep and cattle stations as well.

Route: Adelaide – Alice Springs – Darwin

10.    The China Orient Express

A thorough round trip in itself starting from and ending at Beijing! The China Orient Express covers the route through the old Chinese Silk Road. Festooned with the old mahogany furniture, the China Orient Express opens you to the sight of Terracotta Warriors, the Mogao Caves, the Gaochang necropolis, and the Great Wall.

Price: Economy Cabin (4 single beds/cabin) USD 1690 per person (twin room shared in hotel), Deluxe Cabin (2 single beds/cabin) USD 1960 per person (twin room shared in hotel)

Route: Beijing–Luoyang-Xian –Tianshui–Jiayuguan–Dunhuang–Turpan –Urumchi–Kashgar

Could you imagine, the train journeys could be so fascinating? These train trips are a kind of excursion all across lands and through cultures-an experience that stays unparalleled. To believe it, get set, pack your backpacks and unleash your traveler spirit.



In our article on the History-of-Train-Travel or its earlier term ‘rail transport”, really, goes back many, years. If one considers the first stagecoaches as a from of rail transport we are talking almost 500 years.

For all intensive purposes, we will stick to History-of-Train-Travel, as it relates to the United States only.

Below we will give you a time line of the History-of-Train-Travel as referenced by

•1810s-1830s: Various inventors and entrepreneurs make suggestions about building model railways in the United States; In 1825 John Stevens (inventor) builds a test track and runs a locomotive around it in Hoboken, New Jersey.

•1820s and 1830s: The Baltimore and Ohio is incorporated in 1827 and officially opens in

1830. Other railroads soon follow, including the Camden and Amboy by 1832.

•August 8, 1829: The Stourbridge Lion is tested along tracks built by the Delaware and Hudson company.

•1830s-1860s: Enormous railway building booms in the United States of America. Railroads replace canals as a primary mode of transportation.

•1853 Indianapolis’ Union Station, the first “union station” in the world, opened by the Terre Haute & Richmond, Madison & Indianapolis, and Belle fontaine railroads.

•1865: George Pullman becomes well-known for luxury sleeping cars, called Pullman cars in his honor, after he loans one of his cars to house the coffin of Abraham Lincoln after Lincoln’s assassination.

•1869: Union Pacific and Central Pacific complete first transcontinental railway link at Promontory Summit.

•1869: George Westinghouse establishes air brake company.

•1870s and 1880s: Strikes break out against railroads and the Pullman Palace Car Company. Corporations hire Pinkerton guards to break up the strikes. Nonetheless, much violence occurs in the strikes. Many people were killed, buildings and rolling stock were burned, and reports of rioting shocked middle-class Americans.

•1886: Many southern states convert from broad gauges such as 1,524 mm (5 ft) to standard gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 81⁄2 in). See also Broad gauge#United States.

•1887: The Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) is created to regulate railroads, to ensure fair prices.

•1891: Webb C. Ball establishes first Railway Watch official guidelines for Railroad chronometers.

•1901: Eight locomotive manufacturing companies are combined in a merger to form the American Locomotive Company (ALCO).

•1902: Twentieth Century Limited inaugurated by the New York Central railroad.

•1910s: Pennsylvania Railroad builds Pennsylvania Station in New York City; New York Central Railroad builds current version of Grand Central Terminal.

•1916: US railway reaches peak length.

•1920s and 1930s: Automobiles and airplanes contribute to a decline in ridership and mileage, as well as the Great Depression.

•1934: Burlington railroad’s Pioneer Zephyr completes its inaugural run from Denver, Colorado to Chicago, Illinois, first diesel-powered stream liner in America.

•May 12, 1936: The Santa Fe railroad inaugurates the all-Pullman Super Chief between Chicago, Illinois, and Los Angeles, California.

•1940s: World War II brings railroads the highest ridership in American history, as soldiers are being sent to fight overseas in the Pacific Theater and the European Theater. However, automobile travel causes ridership to decline after the war ends.

•March 20, 1949: The Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad and Western Pacific Railroad jointly launch the California Zephyr between Chicago, Illinois, and San Francisco, California, as the first passenger train to include Vista Dome cars in regular service.

•1950s and 1960s: Drastic decline in railroad travel in the United States of America, due to automobiles, trucks, and airplanes, as first jetliners take to the air. Railroads respond through mergers and attempts to shut down trains and railroad lines. However, the ICC refuses to let railroads shut down many trains.

•December 1, 1959: ICC approved Virginian Railway merger into Norfolk & Western begins modern-day period of railroad mergers and consolidations

•December 3, 1967: The New York Central’s Twentieth Century Limited makes last run.

•1968: Pennsylvania Railroad and New York Central merge to form Penn Central.

•June 21, 1970: Penn Central declares Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

•1971: President Richard Nixon and the United States Congress create Amtrak and eliminate several passenger routes.

•March 22, 1970: The CB&Q, D&RGW and WP railroads’ California Zephyr on its last run, arrives in Oakland, CA from Chicago, Illinois; however the train name will soon be resurrected by Amtrak on a train traveling almost the same route as the original

•1970s: Conrail, a freight railroad, founded from the remains of the bankrupt Penn Central and a number of other bankrupt railroads in the Northeastern US.

•1970s and 1980s: Amtrak introduces double-deck Super liner rolling stock. Auto-Train Corporation begins running as independent line (1971), but fails in 1981; In 1983, Amtrak revives service and runs slightly renamed Auto Train as one of its more-heavily-promoted lines.

Indian Luxury Trains – A Journey to Heavenly Attractions

Following the overwhelming success of Palace on Wheels, Rajasthan Tourism and Development Corporation launched Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, another luxury train in 2009 which not just whisks you into the Rajputana heartland but also offers peak into the vibrant cultural aspects of India with halts in Khajuraho and Varanasi.

Besides Rajasthan, luxury rail tours also explores western and southern region of India. Whereas Deccan Odyssey traverses the course of enchanting destinations in Maharashtra along with a halt at beach paradise, Goa; the Golden Chariot lets you explore the natural and cultural treasure troves of the south. Then there is Indian Maharaja who’s Delhi to Mumbai and Mumbai to Delhi journey is a medley of Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

The opulence of four luxury suites is immaculately defined by the coaches named Heera (Diamond) and Neelam (Blue Sapphire). The Suite is spread over the 220 sq ft cabin area and is equipped with a double bed with separate living and bedroom areas. Besides this, this suite has an add-on of bath tub besides the regular faculty.

Luxury train travel has attained a new high with the advent of Maharajas’ Express on the scene which offers 3 pan-Indian rail tours and 2 golden triangle tours and by far one of the most luxurious trains in the world. All these Indian luxury trains might differ in terms of destinations they travel but share one thing in common. The seamless blend of traditional and contemporary manifested in their décor, facilities and hospitality is the most salient feature found in every train. luxury train tours in India are reminiscent of the art of elegant travelling as practiced by erstwhile maharajas of India. What set apart this train is the idea of providing royal pampering and opulent facilities with sightseeing of some of the best destinations in Indian subcontinent. To say that a new age of opulent and elegant travelling has arrived in India with the rise of luxury tourists trains will not be an exaggeration.

The Presidential Suite is spread over an entire rail carriage. The 448 sq ft area of Navratna Suite features two bedrooms, two attached bath (one with bath tub) along with a living cum dining room and can accommodate 4 persons with its immaculate luxury on board.

About the Author: Harren Lee is an avid traveler and has same passion for writing. His articles offer practical information, review, news and interesting trivia about traveling and holidays in India and luxury trains in India including the luxury train.

When train travelling becomes more of an experience and less of Hassles!

RailYatri, a web-based portal and app is such a source creating single-point knowledge gateway for all travellers. Starting from all places of interest, live train status, train schedules, PNR status andtrain ticket confirmation prediction to trivia’s about cities and food and taxi booking, this umbrella source of information covers all tid-bits that ease the passenger’s travel decisions.

This need was generated as everywhere the information about Indian Railways time table, seat availability, PNR status or train between stations is rather scattered. Even when modern day Indian travellers understand technology, sufficient information through it is not made available to them. Adding new dimensions to this Indian Railways time table,RailYatri gives an edge to the traveller-based information that no others could provide.  Other than the basic information on the Indian train time table, it adds desired personalization covering a wide array of information such as seat availability forecast, train ticket confirmation chances and exploring the interesting facts about route along your stations.

  • Crowd-sourced intelligence based Data: Based on crowd-sourced information, RailYatri Insights allows travellers to find out state of mobile network coverage on the route they’re travelling, delay patterns of the train at a station, most frequently visited cities as well as the city’s network coverage.
  • Reads IRCTC’S message on your phone: You don’t have to dig into all your text messages to find your confirmed ticket message. RailYatri automatically retrieves your ticket on the phone which you can easily show to the ticket-checker.
  • Rail Radar GPS: The platform sources its data from the GPS on travellers’ phones, presenting users with a more accurate depiction of where the train is, if it’s late or not, nearest stations and other details.
  • It also offers you wisdom containing a bunch of many tips and information to help you along your route. More than this you can also book food and taxis as per your convenience on-board trains.

RailYatri, since its inception has achieved many milestones.Truly, train travelling could not have been better than this. With such gamut of extensive information (PNR prediction, ticket confirmation, seat availability) available all under one roof, the train travelling hassles are sure to be removed. This indeed proves to be a value-added saviour that relieves the commuters from many usual travel tensions. An all-in-one solution for all train travel problems that obstructs the travelling joys is what will simplify the train journeys of the modern day railyatris

China Railway Policy Modifications and Train Travel Tips

Several modifications to China Railway Policy have come into effect since December 1, 2010.Travelers, especially  train passengers, should pay attention to those changes in order to avoid unnecessary delays.

Tibet Train Travel, China Train Travel Guide

With grasslands in the near, snow-capped mountians in the far, blue sky with clouds in the high, train travel is a best way to explore the haunting natural beauty of Tibet.

1. Ticket Expiration on Train’s Leaving

If travelers could not aboard the train on time (before the train leaves the station), the tickets they hold will become invalid and won’t be refunded as well. So ticket changing or refunding should be done before the train sets off.

However, there are two exceptions:

A. If travelers are sick or wounded, they can take relevant certificates (certificates from hospitals) and ask for the station master’s approval to make their ticket changed or refunded in 2 hours after the train departs.

B. This new policy is only applicable to ordinary trains, not to the express trains (high-speed railways). So those who buy tickets for high-speed rails still can change or refund the tickets in one day.

2. Child Ticket Standards Changed

Children less than 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) are free to board the train in adults’ accompany; one child with one adult. But if a grown-up takes more than one children, he should buy half-priced tickets for the other children.

Children whose height is from 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) should buy half-priced tickets. The height is 10 centimeters (4 inches) higher than the previous requirement.

A child, taller than 1.5 meters, has to purchase a full price ticket according to the new regulation.

Note: In China, children are legally defined as people less than 18 years old; children without adult’s company are not allowed to take train rides.

3. Luggage Requirements Reset

In accordance to the modifications, the sum of external dimension (the length, width and height) of every piece of luggage should not exceed 1.60 meters (5.3 feet). If the luggage is beyond the dimension requirement, it should be consigned.

There is also a weight requirement to the luggage. One adult could take pieces of luggage totally less than 20 kilograms, a child less than 10 kilograms.

4. No Ticket Reclamation at the Exit

Passengers need not to return tickets, but can keep their tickets after showing them to the railway clerks at the station exit.

China Odyssey Tours suggests that railway travelers should check the traffic and weather conditions of their destinations in advance and get to the station at least 30 minutes earlier to ensure a smooth journey.

Buy Travel Insurance before Traveling Abroad and Protect Yourself From Various Risks

When you are traveling abroad, you cannot anticipate what perils you might have to encounter during the trip. In the case of a sudden medical emergency at the destination, which leads to hospitalization and which can result in medical expenses how will you cope with the situation? You need travel insurance to help you out. Buy travel insurance right before your trip to cover for various types of risks that can happen on the trip.

The Benefits Offered By Travel Insurance

The cost of a basic travel insurance policy is very nominal and it offers a variety of benefits that will help you out when faced with a sticky situation abroad. Here is a look at the many benefits of taking the policy:

  • In case you land up with any medical problems, the policy will pay for the expenses
  • Losses incurred when baggage, travel documents or traveler’s cheques are lost will be compensated by the policy
  • In case of trip delay or cancellation it will pay for the expenses arising from this situation

These are the key benefits that you can get from the policy and there are lots more. For example, if you need some emergency financial assistance, the policy will help you out. In case of legal expenses arising from third party liability, the policy will pay for the losses. Hence, travel insurance protects you like nothing else. There is simply no way that anyone can be prepared for risks that happens when travelling or staying abroad and travel insurance is the only solution to such risks. You can get coverage for not just yourself, but also spouse and two dependent children.

How To Find Policy Cost And Get Coverage?

You can easily get travel insurance quotes by visiting the insurance company’s website. Select the plan that you want and if you prefer certain add-ons look into them as well.  Fill the appropriate details into the online calculator and it will show up the cost. Some of the various plans that you can look into are individual family, student, Schengen and multi-trip. You should also look into the exclusions of the policy before signing up. Proceed to fill the online application form and submit to the website. You will get policy documents in just a couple of hours. The policy documents will give a toll-free number that you can contact in case you need to make a claim. They will be sent to your email id. Period of coverage for the policy can be just 2 days for up to 182 days, which can also be extended to 365 days.

Top 5 places for summer vacation 2015

Changing weather and the much-awaited end of school exams are perhaps the two deciding parameters marking the holiday season in India. Summer vacation is that time of the year when most Indians are out in trains, planes and buses, ready to enjoy a holiday and forget about the monotonous daily life. If you too are thinking of the best travel destination to take your family to this year, let me lend a helping hand. Spread across the sub-continent, here are the top 5 destinations for a promising summer holiday.

  1. Hong Kong

All that can change though, if you plan a vacation to Hong Kong this year between 21 June and 31 August. You can live that dream at Hong Kong Summer Spectacular with boat races, shopping, amusement parks and tours to some awe-inspiring attractions. Head to Hong Kong this holiday season and give your family a fabulous treat. Read on to find out more about the events lined up and all the other fun activities for the entire family

Some of the key events are:

  • Fireworks display to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong city becoming a part of China. (July 1; Victoria Harbour)
  • Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival (Tuen Ng); 8th Club Crew Championships. Expect big, cheering crowds and loads of excitement at this heart pumping competition that commemorates the death of the national hero – Qu Yuan. (July 2,4,8; off Tsim Tsa Tsui waterfront)
  • Painting workshops for kids at several galleries and art houses. If you’re good, you could have your painting displayed in the gallery too! (all through the Summer Spectacular season)
  • HK Book Fair (July 18-24; Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre)
  • Hong Kong Open Waterboard & Water Ski Championships will be a truly spectacular event with awesome races and gripping finales. (July 21-22; Tai Po)

2.     Malaysia

Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia, located partly on a peninsula of the Asian mainland and partly on the northern third of the island of Borneo. Malaysia is a mix of the modern world and a developing nation.  Kuala Lumpur, the enticing capital city of Malaysia offers striking blends of past, present and future. Walk down the bustling streets, shop as much as you can at the best deal shopping avenues and see the shining skyscrapers getting lost in the clouds and witness the dramatic continuation of Malaysia’s rich culture from the past. Add spark to your holiday with a visit to Genting Highlands. A city in clouds, it offers stunning landscapes, amazing weather and exciting rides.

Planning to visit Malaysia this summer? Make it July because that’s when the city of Melaka or Malacca, as it is sometimes called, will be celebrating its 5th anniversary of being honoured as a UNESCO World Heritage City. This is the time when the beautiful city of Malacca will come alive with music and dance performances, theatre and drama, brightly lit street markets and fireworks! That’s everything that you should look forward to as a tourist in Malaysia.

3.     Dubai

Dubai seems to have it all – beautiful beaches, adventure sports, hotels to fit all budgets and of course, it is a shopper’s paradise. Luckily, there are enough indoor and outdoor activities to keep the day quite packed. Since it gets hot during the day, plan to head to the beach early in the morning, and while the sun is beating down, you could enjoy activities like Ski Dubai, Ferrari World, Dolphin Bay or just go shopping. Make sure you go for a desert safari one evening. There is so much to do in Dubai that you could spend a whole week and still have more to see! So if that’s the sort of holiday you are looking for, go ahead and book your holiday soon!

4.     Thailand

The kids will just love Thailand and so will you. Bangkok of course is a shopping hub, but there are many other attractions as well, like the Grand Palace, Safari World, the Tiger Temple and many more. Don’t forget to have the freshly squeezed orange juice available on the streets, apart from all the scrumptious street food. After you have had a few exhausting days in Bangkok, head out for a relaxing time to one of the beach towns or just explore more of the country.

One such town that you could go to is Hua Hin. You will really love the beautiful beaches, malls and night bazaars. Or you could go to Krabi and enjoy its unending emerald waters, amazing sea food and everything from rock climbing to kayaking. Chiang Mai is another popular option in northern Thailand, known for its delicious food, ancient temples and shopping.

5.     Singapore

Singapore is one of the top 10 cleanest cities in the world. It is truly a family paradise – packed with fun filled activities that the family can do together. The Singapore Zoo, the Jurong Bird Park and Sentosa, along with many more, are fascinating places to visit. There are several museums and temples also that you could add onto your itinerary. Shopping, of course, is a very important part of any vacation and Singapore has sales galore throughout the year. You will find great deals on many brands, so don’t forget to stock up on your favourites.

Family Summer Vacation Resorts in Washington State

Washington has mountains and oceanfront beaches for a family to enjoy during a summer vacation. And with a family resort, there’s something for all members of the family to do and enjoy. Some family resorts even have day camps for kids so mom and dad can spend some time alone while knowing that someone is supervising the kids.

Campbell’s Resort

  • Campbell’s Resort is in eastern Washington where the desert meets the mountains. It is situated on Lake Chelan to provide you with great summertime water activities like swimming, fishing, boating or just lying on the beach, which is 1200 feet long. You can also enjoy the water in the resort’s two swimming pools and two hot tubs. During the summer, kids can participate in the resort-sponsored children’s activities. Nearby parks offer trails for hiking and mountain biking. The resort has 170 lakefront rooms with a view of Lake Chelan.

    Campbell’s Resort

    P.O. Box 278

    104 W. Woodin Ave.

    Chelan, WA 98816


Great Wolf Lodge

  • Great Wolf Lodge is one of a chain of resorts known for indoor waterparks. The indoor waterpark at the Grand Mount Great Wolf Lodge has 340,000 gallons of water rushing through three pools, six water slides, a water fort and hot tubs. This Great Wolf Lodge also offers an outdoor waterpark that is open in the summer. The lodge has suites that sleep up to eight people as well as standard hotel rooms. You can even get a room for your child with a 20-inch flat-screen TV with video games and movies.

    Great Wolf Lodge

    20500 Old Highway 99 SW

    Grand Mound, WA 98531



  • Suncadia Resorts is on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains next to the Cle Elum River. The resort offers golf, fishing, hiking trails, biking trails and more. Go boating on the river, listen to live music in the amphitheater, take a dip in the pool. Suncadia offers rooms in the lodge or rental homes on the property. Kids can attend CampCadia for supervised programs especially geared toward children aged four to 12. Family activities include disc golf, geocaching, guided hikes, photo scavenger hunts and storytelling.


    3600 Suncadia Trail

    Cle Elum, WA 98922


West Beach Resort

  • Families who enjoy plenty of outdoor activities can try the West Beach Resort and stay in a beachfront cabin, ocean view cabin, garden cottage or tent cabin. Charter a boat to go fishing or rent a kayak or canoe for family fun closer to the shore. The resort has tetherball poles, horseshoe pits and volleyball net. Counselors also offer daily activities for kids and there is also a playground. Enjoy fresh ice cream or a beach bonfire.

    West Beach Resort

    190 Waterfront Way

    Eastsound, WA 98245


How to Choose the Best Summer Month for Your Alaskan Vacation

Alaska gets its name from the Aleut word “Alyeska,” which means “great land.” It is great in size, beauty, and pristine wilderness. Alaska is the largest state, by area, in America. It is home to Mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America, breathtaking glaciers and hundreds of small islands. Alaska is spectacular year-round, but summer is preferred by most tourists, as temperatures are mild and daylight stretches into late evening. June, July and August are all favorable months to visit Alaska, but each month has advantages and disadvantages.

  • Decide which climate conditions best fit your Alaska travel plans. Daytime temperatures in interior Alaska during the summer range from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. June is the driest summer month. July is the warmest. August is the rainiest month, but mosquitoes are worse in June. They die off in late July and early August when night frost sets in. Consider the length of summer days. The tilt of the earth accounts for Alaska’s periods of extended daylight in summer. In June, expect between 19 and 21 hours of sunlight. June 21 is the longest day of the year. July has 18 to 20 daylight hours. In August, sunlight in Alaska lasts between 15 and 16 hours a day.
    August is the best summer month for catching the occasional aurora borealis.
  • Determine what you want to do and see. If you plan to hike mountain ranges, realize that Alaska’s tundra doesn’t melt until late June. Trails are snowy and muddy. Some facilities at Denali National Park don’t open until late June. If your goal is to spot wildlife, early June is the time to see grizzly bears emerging from their winter dens. This is also when caribou migrate to their summer habitat. June and July are ideal months for spotting Orca whales. Summer is prime time for fishing for Alaska salmon. Fish for king and sockeye salmon in June and early July. Coho and red salmon run in mid-July.
    About 400,000 people visit Denali National Park during summer.
  • Decide on your budget. Summer is the high tourism season in Alaska, particularly July. You may find occasional bargains on lodging and cruises the first week in June and the last weeks in August. Significant off-season prices begin after a Labor Day.

How to Write an Essay on Summer Vacations for Kids

“My Summer Vacation” is a topic many teachers give kids as a writing assignment, usually at the beginning of the year. When kids are learning to write essays, they will have an easier time if they can write about a subject they know. Most students can find something to write about their summer vacation, even if they did not actually travel anywhere. They might write about what their summer at home was like or about people that visited them. By organizing ideas and using simple but clear language, you will have little difficulty the next time your teacher tells you to write about your summer vacation.

  • Make notes about your summer vacation. Write sentences on a graphic organizer detailing major points like trips you took, places you saw, and people you visited. Graphic organizers are useful for outlining information to put in paragraphs. The Time for Kids website has a free organizer available for printing.
  • Write an introductory paragraph. Begin with a general explanation of your vacation. Then narrow your topic by progressing from general details to a specific emphasis. The last two sentences in the introduction should set the stage for the details to follow in the body of the essay.
  • Write about events that happened in order. The first paragraph in the body should not be about what happened at the end of the summer. Using chronological order helps you stay organized while writing and avoids confusing the reader.
  • Write at least three paragraphs in the body of your essay. Each one should be five to seven sentences in length and relate to one main point. If you used a graphic organizer, use details from each section to form paragraphs.
  • Write a conclusion. This last paragraph may consist of three to five sentences that sum up your vacation. Do not repeat your introduction. You can restate similar ideas for emphasis, but avoid retelling what you just wrote about in the preceding paragraphs.
  • Proofread your essay for grammar and spelling errors. Ask a family member or a classmate to check your work. They may spot mistakes you missed. Use a checklist, like the one found at Time For Kids. This personal narrative checklist includes editing and proofreading reminders that you initial or put a mark by after you are sure you completed each one.

Top 10 Kids Summer Vacations

From the white sand beaches of Pebbles, Jamaica, to beds in the trees of southern Oregon, summer vacation options for kids have never been so varied. While an Arizona dude ranch caters to little cowpokes, California’s LEGOLAND welcomes little builders-to-be. The important thing is to consider your kids’ particular interests when deciding on a summer vacation destination.

Disney Cruises

  • Disney Wonder and Disney Magic cruise ships sport horizontal rails, round portholes and multiple funnels. While the Goofy Pool is for families, the Mickey Mouse pool is for children only and features a giant water slide. Children three years old and up can enroll in the Ocean Air Club and Ocean Air Lab; for teenagers, the Common Grounds Club is the place to be.Disney Cruise Line P.O. Box 10238 Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830-0238 800-951-3532

FDR Pebbles

  • This all-inclusive Jamaican resort assigns each family with a round-the-clock vacation nanny. Activities include swimming, snorkeling and parasailing, fishing, windsurfing, biking, hiking and teen beach parties. FDR Pebbles has many seasonal offers, including a Families Fly Free deal and Bring the a Grandparents for Free package.FDR Pebbles P.O. Box 1933 Falmouth, Trelawny Jamaica W. I. 888-FDR-KIDS


  • LEGOLAND, located one hour south of Anaheim, is home to 30 million lego blocks and over 50 rides and attractions. Sea Life Aquarium, one of the park’s newest attractions, boasts a seven-foot long lego submarine, in addition to Octopus, Sting Ray and Shark Pup feedings, while the Lost Kingdom Adventure-Land of Adventure is an interactive exhibit that allows children to search ancient ruins for buried treasure.LEGOLAND 1 LEGOLAND Drive Carisbad, California 92008 760-918-LEGO

Disney’s Animal Kindgom Theme Park

  • Occupying 500 acres of a protected wildlife reserve, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park is home to 250 animal species, including primates, exotic birds, wild felines and several other animals from the African savanna. The Animal Kingdom Lodge, located within the park, features a Uzima pool and a 67-foot waterslide, in addition to a wading pool, playground, 24-hour gaming room and Simba’s Clubhouse.Animal Kingdom Theme Park 2901 Osceola Parkway Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830 407-824-4321

Out ‘n’ About Treehouse Treesort

  • Situated just thirty minutes from the Redwood Forest and 20 minutes from the Oregon Caves, this bed and breakfast consists of twelve treehouse suits, sleeping two to eight people comfortably. Treesort activities include hiking, horseback riding, rafting, swimming and zip-line training. Treehouses are reached by ropes, ladders, bridges, spiral tunnels and staircases. The Tarzan Swing–a fifty-foot pendulum swing–is especially popular with children and daring adults.Out ‘n’ About Treehouse Treesort LLC & Treehouse Institute 300 Page Creek Road Cave Junction, Oregon 97523 541-592-2208

Tanke Verde Ranch

  • Tanque Verde–meaning Green Pool–lies on 640 acres of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. Offering guided desert hiking, canyon exploring, western riding lessons, tennis, swimming and arts and crafts, Tanque Verde’s Kid’s Program is suited for children ages four to 11.Tanque Verde Ranch 14301 E. Speedway Blvd. Tucson, Arizona 85748-7100 520-296-6275

Hilton Waikoloa Village

  • Located on 62 acres of Hawaii’s big island, Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort features the children’s Camp Menehune and Kohala Spa. Activities include tennis, mini-golf, swimming, water sports and the interactive Dolphin Quest, in which the whole family can interact with the beautiful Dolphin fish. Dolphin Quest programs range from Wee Tots, suitable for children of two to four years of age, to Trainer for a Day, suitable for children 10 and older.Hilton Waikoloa Village 69-425 Waikoloa Beach Drive Waikoloa, Hawaii 96738 808-886-1234

Turtle Bay Resort

  • Turtle Bay Resort, located on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, offers kayaking, horseback riding, helicopter tours and the Keiki Turtle Club for kids. Turtle Club activities include swimming, reef walks, nightly crab hunts, arts and crafts and Hawaiian games.Turtle Bay Resort 57-091 Kamehameha Highway Kahuku, Oahu, Hawaii 96731 800-203-3650

Yosemite National Park

  • In addition to the hiking, camping, horseback riding and water sports, Yosemite’s Wee Wild Ones program caters to children ages six and under. Activities include singing, storytelling, arts and crafts and interactive games all pertaining to the area’s indigenous wildlife.Yosemite National Park 9039 Village Drive Yosemite National Park, California

Teen Summer Vacation Places

The teen years can be a time to bond with your child and build memories that will last a lifetime. For many busy parents, however, a summer vacation is about the only time available to do more than spend an evening with the kids. Whether you have a lot to spend or are operating on a shoestring, there are countless places to plan for this important trip both near and far.

Hong Kong and Macau

  • Consider an Asian vacation for a time your teen will not soon forget. Hong Kong is known as an exotic and exciting vacation destination. The ever-popular Disneyland Hong Kong has the rides and entertainment you’ve come to expect with this organization but with a Hong Kong flair. Ride one of many thrill rides, eat lunch with your favorite Disney character and catch the fireworks show at night. Ocean Park is also a popular teen hangout. This theme park features dozens of rides and attractions including the Hair Raiser coaster, a cable car that takes you high above the park from one section to another and a unique opportunity to join a professional animal guide to touch exotic animals such as penguins, dolphins and seals. Once you have spent enough time in Hong Kong, hop on the one-hour fairy ride to Macau. While there, try a thrilling bungee jump from the world’s highest jumping facility. Jumping from this 764-foot high tower will leave you with a T-shirt, a video and a thrill that will last a lifetime.
    Hong Kong and Macau are ultra-modern with Asian charm.


  • If you want to keep it a little closer to home, but still have an international experience, consider the Bahamas. Atlantis Resort is one such popular Bahama destination site. This resort complex features a 141-acre swimming area and a host of teen activities. It is also home to Ruins Lagoon, the largest outdoor marine habitat in the world, with more than 20,000 sea creatures. In the evening, your teen can hit the 14,000 square-foot Crush dance club. This ultra-modern club is designed for teens with its large dance floors, its video game rooms with floor-to-ceiling screens and its full-service cafe. Elsewhere in the Bahamas, the adventurous teen can snorkel or SCUBA dive at Stuart Cove. This guided tour will allow your teen to see sunken shipwrecks and feed reef sharks in a safe, guided tour.
    The Bahamas offer countless diving opportunities.

Wisconsin Dells

  • If you live in a hot region and seek a cooler destination for summer vacation, consider the tourist mecca of Wisconsin Dells. This community is known as the “water park capital of the world” due to the size and number of its watery playgrounds. For example, Noah’s Ark is considered America’s largest water park. This facility features nine sizable thrill rides including the Scorpion’s Tail, a 10-story high, 400-feet long water slide that begins with a near vertical drop that plunges you downward at more than 50 feet per second. The Kalahari Resort includes sizable indoor and outdoor water parks as well as live entertainment from local legend Tommy Bartlett among others. The resort also boasts several activities of interest to the teen including laser tag, miniature golf, bowling, go-karts, a NASCAR simulator and an arcade. Wisconsin Dells also has a host of entertainment options in case your teen is not a fan of swimming. Big Sky Twin Drive-In Theater and the Dells 4D Special FX Theater, for example, are unique opportunities for the teen who likes the cinema, while Jeremy Allen’s Grand Illusions and the Rick Wilcox Magic Theater have the fan of magic covered.
    The Dells has a large number of indoor and outdoor water parks.

St. Louis

  • St. Louis, and more specifically the Gateway Arch, is known as the Gateway to the West. The city features the iconic, 630-foot tall Gateway Arch, known as America’s tallest national monument. This park starts with an interesting movie outlining how the structure was built followed by an odd elevator ride up the curved structure and some time of stunning views of St. Louis and beyond. While in town, take in some Cardinals baseball, Rams football or St. Louis Blues hockey if you have a sports-minded teen. The nearby Six Flags theme park includes dozens of rides and attractions including the Screamin’ Eagle and Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast. When you are done with the thrills and want to eat, navigate to “The Hill,” a large Italian area of town featuring dozens of authentic restaurants and unique shops.
    The Gateway Arch commemorates America’s westward expansion.

How to Keep Your Kids Busy During Summer Vacation

To keep your kids busy and have an enjoyable summer, you don’t have to make elaborate plans. Include your child in everyday tasks, and plan activities that will keep him entertained and enriched. He can even help those less fortunate by getting involved in community activities that help economically deprived neighborhoods. Keep a journal with your child during the summer to memorialize all your warm-weather adventures.

Free Activities


Become a tourist in your own city with your youngster, and explore local hiking trails, landmarks and conservation areas. Spend a day at a local festival or on the beach. Be on the lookout for free events or inexpensive events at local children’s museums, botanical gardens and historic sites. Organize a backyard camp-out to celebrate summer. Just pitch a tent in the backyard for a family camp-out, or pitch a second tent for your child and her friends and chaperone. If you have theatrical children, let them make a movie. Let them write a script and recruit family and friends to star in the production. Or, start a newspaper for weekly publication, with neighbor interviews, stories about summer adventures and boredom-buster advice for readers. Send the newspaper to family and friends.

Summer Camps


Keep your child occupied and entertained with a week-long summer camp program. Find a camp that fits your child’s interests, introduces him to something new or lets him explore a variety of extracurricular activities such as horseback riding, kayaking, archery, theater and photography. You can opt for a girls- or boys-only camp or a summer program that welcomes co-ed campers. If your child isn’t ready to spend lengthy periods away from home, choose from a variety of local day camps that offer similar programs without spending overnights away from home.



Enroll your child in a summer baseball or basketball team. However, avoid highly competitive programs that create undue pressures and can affect self-confidence. Spend one-on-one time with your child on the tennis court or plan a family outing to a miniature golf course. Take your youngster and her friends to play volleyball at the beach or go in-line skating together around a local park. Combine sports and charity together; organize a friendly soccer game with your child and her friends and have family and friends make donations for tickets to the game.

Activities to Keep Kids Out of Trouble


Help your child earn some money for his piggy bank during the summer — an opportunity to help him keep up with math skills and teach him about budgeting and saving. Young children can help to remove garden weeds or set up a lemonade stand while older kids can mow lawns, walk dogs or wash the car. Make volunteering a regular part of your child’s routine to keep him out of trouble while he also develops empathy, social skills and decision-making skills. Or, make helping others a family affair by volunteering with your child. Help out at an animal shelter, deliver meals with a charity service or sign up for a local park clean-up.

Cheap Family Spring Break Vacations

Spring break is a good time for a family vacation. Kids are off school and families are ready to shake off the winter doldrums. Satisfying a need to travel but on a budget can be a challenge, and sometimes means taking your family trip off the beaten path.

South Dakota

  • Driving destinations are cost savers for a family vacation. South Dakota offers educational fun for a family on a budget. Hike in the Badlands and take in the striking views of the red and yellow buttes, pinnacles and spires.Head west on I94 to see the man-made wonder of Mount Rushmore carved in the mountains of the Black Hills. Drive through Custer Park to see buffalo, and on the winding Needles Highway where tunnels cut through the rock are so narrow you have to honk your horn in warning before entering. Take a trip into the old West by visiting nearby Deadwood and the famous Wall Drug Store in Wall, S.D.

    When choosing accommodations, skip Rapid City and stay in smaller towns closer to Mount Rushmore. Keystone and Hill City offer a variety of smaller hotels and motels with clean rooms at budget prices. Temperatures average 34 to 45 degrees in March and April.


  • If sun and warm temperatures is what you seek during spring break, head south of the border to Riviera Maya, Mexico. Snorkel at the world’s second-largest barrier coral reef. Explore nearby Mayan ruins. See jaguars and toucans, or swim with dolphins at two different eco-parks.Riviera Maya is about 18 miles south of the Cancun airport. Fly into Cancun and take a taxi or shuttle south. You will find a host of all-inclusive resorts that can accommodate a family budget.

Washington, D.C.

  • Spring break often overlaps cherry blossom time in Washington D.C. See the trees in bloom and the U.S. capitol building along with the White House and surrounding parks.Many of the museums and attractions, including the National Zooand its famous giant pandas, have free admission, which can help keep vacation expenses in check. Consider the transportation system to and from Washington D.C. when making plans. Commuter trains reach out to Maryland and Virginia, where you can find hotelsat cheaper prices than those in the capital.

Great Family Vacations on a Budget

When time comes to hit the road on a vacation with your family, consider some cost-effective options. Instead of emptying your wallet on one budget-busting vacation a year, plan several smaller and more budget-friendly getaways. Many of the less costly vacation options prove just as enticing to children and selecting one may mean that you and your family can afford to spend more down-time together throughout the year.

Camping Trips

  • Instead of spending your family vacation in a pricey, and often not particularly kid-friendly, hotel, explore the great outdoors. Camping trips are a highly economical vacation option, as you don’t have to pay a premium for lodging, and you can cook most of your meals on an open flame instead of buying them from an expensive restaurant. As you plan your next family vacation, explore the parks in your immediate area, looking for one that offers camping sites. Reserve one of these sites, outfit your family with some tents, pack up some cookware and food, and test your outdoor skills.

All-Inclusive Options

  • Don’t allow yourself to get nickeled and dimed your entire vacation. Instead, select an all-inclusive option. Many resorts or cruise ships offer all-inclusive vacations. On an all-inclusive getaway, all of your needs, from accommodations to food costs and sometimes even activities, are rolled into the cost of your trip package. By selecting an all-inclusive getaway, you can know upfront exactly how much the trip is going to cost you, and budget accordingly.

Week-Long Rental

  • While some families feel that they can’t afford much more than a weekend getaway, week-long rentals often prove more affordable than you would think. Often, if you rent a cabin or condo for a week you receive a discounted rate on the lodging. Also, many of the places available for week-long rental have in-house cooking facilities, allowing you to craft your own family meals instead of buying food out. Select a week-long rental in an area that offers an assortment of cheap or free activities, such as the beach where children can frolic in the surf or a remote wilderness area where the family can explore the woods.

Tours of History

  • Hitting the historical sites on your vacation is an easy, and low-cost, way to get your kids interested in history. To plan your history-themed trip, gather information on historical sites in your area or in neighboring states. Create a plan for hitting these major historical landmarks.

Family Vacation Spots Near Chicago

Some of the Midwest’s finest family vacation destinations offer a quick getaway from the Windy City. Less than a tank of gas connects nature-loving families, the thrill seekers and history buffs to inspiring Great Lakes ecosystems, indoor and outdoor amusements and Land of Lincoln heritage venues.

Roller Coaster Heaven

  • It’s just a 45-minute drive north of Chicago to Six Flags Great America theme park, where thrills and chills await families. Six Flags is home to Goliath, the world’s fastest wooden roller coaster, 13 other roller coasters, more than 30 children’s rides and a 20-acre water park with a million-gallon pool, lazy rivers, plunge rides and a kiddie zone. Even the family’s picky eater is satisfied at meal time thanks to the nearly 30 park restaurants serving pizza, vegetarian dishes, American fare and more. National chain hotels sit within walking distance of the park or a short drive. Some offer shuttle service to the park for convenience. Learn about discounts and get park tickets online or at the gate.

Great Lakes Dune Experiences

  • Spanning 15 miles of the Lake Michigan coast about 50 miles east of Chicago, the towering Indiana dunes attract nature-loving families. No car? No problem. Chicago and South Shore Train makes four stops at the park. Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, with its towering dune structure, encompasses six beaches for water play and sunning. Families with small children may prefer West Beach, the only park beach offering lifeguards. Explore 11 easy to moderate level trails winding through coastal ecosystems. Stop at the Visitor Center at Porter for maps and family programming information. Dunewood Campground sits a little more than one mile south of the shoreline for lodging beneath the stars. Its 66 sites are without electricity, but the campground offers restrooms, showers, a dump station and a convenience store. Camping runs from the end of April through October. A host of family restaurants and stores for supplies are in surrounding communities accessed off Interstate 94.Beaches provide summer recreation at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

Playtime at Lake Geneva

  • Action-oriented families enjoy a treasure house of recreation options at the resort town of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Situated 80 miles northwest of Chicago, paintball, canopy zipline tours and laser tag facilities keep teens engaged. Youngsters of all ages enjoy the interactive baby animal petting zoo at Animal Gardens and The Dancing Horse Theatre, a showcase for performing horses. Kids 6 and younger swim and play free at the city’s Riviera Beach and older kids get a discount. A sandy beach, bath house and lifeguards make Riviera a family-friendly experience. Tennis, golf, bowling, boating, and fishing round out summer options, while sledding, sleigh rides and ice skating offer winter recreation. The entire family eats and learns with casual dining at the 1897 vintage Clausing Barn Cafe within Old World Wisconsin museum village in nearby Eagle. For overnights and play, Timber Ridge Lodge & Waterpark is the ticket, with structured recreation including arts and crafts, movies and other activities.

Capital City Adventures

  • It’s no surprise that in the Land of Lincoln, a historic vacation experience appeals to families. A three-hour drive from Chicago, the Illinois state capital of Springfield celebrates the 16th president who called the city home. Overnighting at the President Abraham Lincoln DoubleTree Hilton hotel places visitors within walking distance of the Lincoln Home National Historic Site and Presidential Museum. Other Lincoln sites include the Old State Capitol building where Abe got his start in politics, and the reconstructed New Salem Village where he once lived and worked. For a 1950s retro dining experience, take the family to Cozy Dog Drive-In along Route 66. Try the dog on a stick, and shop for souvenirs commemorating the famed roadway.Spend family time with an Illinois road trip on Route 66.

Fun Family Vacations on a Budget

A limited budget doesn’t mean you have to skip your vacation. A trip to a luxury resort or a dream Disney vacation may not fall within your budget, but several other affordable options may work just as well for creating family memories. Start by considering destinations close to home to save on transportation costs so you have more money for entertainment.


  • Your choice of lodging affects the overall cost of your vacation no matter where you go. While some destinations are typically more expensive for hotel rooms, you can still get deals on your stay with a little planning. Travel during the off-season in the destination. For example, travelers are more likely to book a stay on a tropical island during the winter months to escape the cold. Visiting during the summer likely means lower rates.

    Another option is to look beyond the typical hotel rooms for lodging. Try camping or renting a cabin near the destination. Check into vacation home rentals and split the cost with another family. Swapping homes is another option. and are examples of sites that help you connect with other families who want to swap homes. You stay in the other family’s home in another destination for free while they stay in yours.

Trip Ideas

  • The typical family destinations like Orlando typically cost more for everything from accommodations to entertainment and food. Instead of hitting major tourist destinations, try a less commercial area. A trip to a national park or other nature area gives the family a chance to get dirty while exploring the natural setting.

    A farm stay is another affordable option that strays from the typical family vacation. Visitors stay on actual working farms while participating in farm life. The vacation accommodations and entertainment are wrapped into one cost for overall savings.

    A local road trip allows you to explore your region without the costs of plane tickets. You can also make the trip shorter since you aren’t going as far from home. Pull out a map and look for cities or destinations that are within a day’s drive.

    Board a train for a different approach to a family vacation. An Amtrak ticket is generally less expensive than a plane ticket, and the kids get the experience of crossing the countryside on a train. The trains offer sleeping cars if you plan a long trip.


  • Take advantage of free activities in your destination. Check with the hotel, resort or campground where you’re staying to see if they offer free activities or tours. Look for tour companies in the area to explore their tour stops. Instead of paying for the tour, walk or drive around the city to see the spots on your own. Many cities offer discount tickets for attractions in the area. Look for racks of brochures and coupons in restaurants or shopping centers. You may also be able to buy discount cards or combination tickets for two or three local attractions at a reduced rate. If you vacation with other families, check out group discounts for various attractions.


  • Plan your family trip in advance for the best savings options. You have longer to look for deals and plan your itinerary for greater savings. Packing your own snacks saves money no matter how you get to your destination. If possible, stay in a hotel room with a refrigerator so you can buy groceries for some of your meals. Carrying your own drinks also saves money since tourist destinations often inflate the cost of beverages.

How to enjoy an inexpensive family vacation at Panama City Beach

Panama City, Florida has one of the very finest beaches in the world. Sugary-white sand and clear emerald water are yours to enjoy in a friendly community with great food! With some careful planning, your family can enjoy a fabulous beach vacation, without spending a fortune. This article gives you tips on when to go, where to stay, and what to do!

  • When to go: Locals agree that the best time of year to enjoy the beach is between Spring Break and Summer vacation. For the vacationer, this is the perfect time to come to Panama City Beach. The air temps are in the 80’s to low 90’s and the water temp is in the 70’s. The water is dead-clear and parking spots next to the beach are easy to find. This time is considered an off-season, so hotel prices are very reasonable. If the kids have never been to the ocean, it is worthwhile to take them out of school for a few days for this mind-opening adventure.
  • Where to stay: Many very nice hotels and condos are available, at various prices. If you are on a tight budget and want to get the best value, stay in an older establishment, ON THE BEACH! Years later, the kids won’t remember that you didn’t stay at a four-star hotel. They will remember the fabulous times they had with mom and dad at the beach.
  • Best Beach: ALL of the beaches in the Panama City area are great. If you get a hotel right on the beach, you can enjoy the surf and sunshine without getting too far from a bathroom or your snacks. When you are here, however, you must visit St. Andrew’s State Park. Spend the day. The park has a shallow lagoon, safe for little kids to swim, jetties, from which to snorkel or fish, a very nice white-sand beach, a fishing pier, a nature trail (where you might see deer and alligators), a boat ramp, historic turpentine still, and an inexpensive boat ride out to Shell Island.
  • See another reason Panama City Beach is famous! Even if you’re not a fisherman, the local enthusiasm for the sport is contagious! Go to a fishing marina on Thomas Drive to check out the action. Every afternoon fishing boats return to the marina with the day’s catch, hundreds of pounds of grouper, snapper, and amberjack, just to name a few. Be there as the excited anglers and thier catch unload.
  • Dan Russell City Pier. While in Panama City, you MUST visit the longest pier on the Gulf of Mexico. The view from the pier is spectacular. It is very popular for anglers from all over the U.S. for good reason. Bring your fishing pole and tackle, if you are so inclined. For a break in the outdoors action, Pier Park is just across the street, with unique shops and eateries.
  • Get on the water! Even if it’s just a 3 or 4 hour dolphin sighting trip, get out there. Trips can be found for less than $20 per person. You will never be the same after an experience like this.

Cheap Family Vacation Ideas

If you’re planning a trip for you and your family, chances are you’re working with a budget. If you haven’t been saving up and putting money aside for this trip, you’ll likely want to plan an affordable vacation that will remain memorable, as well. Take into consideration how far you’re willing to travel for your trip and what the weather will be like.

Road Trip

  • Take your family on a road trip. You don’t need to stay in a fancy hotel or worry about hotel amenities. In fact, your family won’t be thinking about the hotel at all. Plan a few key destinations–landmarks, famous natural wonders, or quirky sites (like the world’s biggest rubber band ball)—to keep your family engaged.

Rent a Cabin

  • Find an affordable cabin to rent for your family. You won’t have to worry about things to do—being so close to the outdoors will be enough. On your vacation you and your family can visit local parks, rent bikes or use your own to enjoy off-road trails, and enjoy barbecue for dinner and nights by the fireplace with s’mores. This trip will be an opportunity for you all to take a break from technology, television and connect with nature and the outdoors.

Dominican Republic

  • Known for being one of the cheapest Caribbean locations to travel to, the Dominican Republic has beautiful beaches and has plenty of all inclusive resorts to choose from. Look for some cheap vacation packages for your family to an all inclusive resort. Most resorts include amenities like windsurfing or sailing lessons, organized nightly events and open bars for the adults. Check in with the concierge desk when you arrive and ask about tours around the island—resorts will usually provide discounts on local tours and shuttles.

Theme Park

  • Take your family on a theme park vacation. If you decide to visit Disney, resist the temptation to stay in one of the extravagant resorts. There are many hotels located a few miles from the theme parks that will save you a ton of money. These hotels usually provide scheduled shuttles to and from the parks, as well. If Disney isn’t your style, plan a two day trip to a water park or roller coaster park. Some options include a Six Flags location, Dorney Park, and Busch Gardens. By splitting your park visit into two days, you won’t have to rush and you can enjoy the parks stress free.

How to Enjoy a Family Vacation With a Teen

For many teens, the thought of a family vacation — spending 24/7 with lame parents and annoying siblings — is akin to torture. Others like the idea of a vacation, but worry you’ll pick boring places and activities. If you’ve decided that your family is going on vacation no matter how resistant your teen is, it’s important that you consider his needs and wants so he won’t sulk the entire time. Getting your teenager’s input on where to go, ensuring there are plenty of teen-friendly activities and being flexible with family time just may turn his reluctance into excitement for the vacation.

  • Research vacation options that offer plenty of teen-friendly options. Your teenager may act less resistant to the family vacation if she knows there are activities that will appeal or even cater specifically to her interests. Large family resort destinations often offer attractions and activities specifically for teens. For example, many of the Club Med Resorts, located all over the world, have a teen club space where teens can hang out on their own, dance or engage in games and other activities. Most major cruise lines also offer state-of-the-art areas for teens only that include a party or nightclub space, video game lounges, private sun decks and teen-friendly sport activities, such as wave simulators and rock climbing walls.
  • Ask your teen for input on where to go. Taking your teen’s desires into consideration can make all the difference in his attitude toward the family vacation. You don’t have to do exactly what he wants, but if he really hates the cold and loves the beach, announcing a ski vacation isn’t likely to earn you any cool points. Once you have agreed upon a destination, encourage your teen to do some research on activities and restaurants in the area that might appeal to him so you can make time for it.
  • Negotiate family time with your teen. Family time likely is not as important to your teen as it is to you, so compromise is the name of the game. Offer incentives for your teen to suck it up and at least try to have fun with her siblings. If your teen is willing to take the younger kids to the kiddie pool for a couple of hours, tell her she can stay up late at the resort’s teen club until it closes. If she agrees to go with the family on the “boring” sky tram cable car up a mountain, offer to go ziplining with her afterwards. Don’t be surprised if your teen actually starts to have fun engaging in family activities, however — even if she won’t admit it.
  • Allow a friend to come along, if possible. Yes, it’s a family vacation, but if your teen is an only child, or your other kids are much younger, it can be tough for him to have fun without someone close to his age with similar interests. Have your teen choose a close friend whose parents you have a relationship with, and ask them well in advance so you can address logistics and any concerns they may have. You also want to factor the friend into the decision on where to vacation, as the additional person will add significantly to your budget. It may be best to invite friends along only for budget-friendly trips that are just a few hours away, unless the friend’s parents are willing to pay for their teen’s expenses.

How to Budget for a Family Vacation With Low Income

While the money may be tight or traveling expenses can be high, it is possible to take vacations on a low budget. By traveling off season, staying at low cost hotels with continental breakfasts, or visiting national parks where you can take trails, your family can still spend quality and enjoyable time together. If the family works together by saving change, doing odd jobs and cutting back, a vacation can be planned in your family’s future.

  • Study your family’s income and budget. Find areas where you can cut back on such as extra clothing purchases, dining out, or haircuts.
  • Save each dime, penny, nickel, or quarters that you get. Purchase or find a big glass jar where all of the family’s change can go. Drop all of your change into the jar each time you have it. Every penny will add up.
  • Have your children chip in by doing chores or other small jobs around the neighborhood such as mowing lawns, raking leaves, shoveling snow, walking dogs, and babysitting. If the children can help, they will feel like they are part of the project as well.
  • Clip all the coupons and shop at all of the sales that you can find. Try coupon matching at your local retail store that offers it too. Try to save money on all grocery purchases. Create a weekly dinner menu and purchase only the items needed to prepare meals without buying a bunch of extra food and snacks.
  • Look through vacation booklets and brochures. Study the places that you and your family would like to go. Plan for low cost hotel stays, eating out, and family activites and try visiting areas that have national parks where it is low costing or free to attend. Stay at hotels that offer continental breakfasts. Plan your family’s vacation onto paper and determine the exact costs of everything so your family will know how much is needed to be saved.

How to Take a Family Vacation With Adult Children

Family vacations tend to conjure up images of a mom, dad and younger children enjoying each other’s company in a faraway city, campground or beach: However, adult children can still vacation with Mom and Dad. Being together — away from normal daily routines — can give a family the opportunity to relax and get to know each other on a deeper level, even after the children become adults. Take a family vacation with your adult children to recapture the closeness you felt when they were younger, or to start a new tradition and enjoy the adults they’ve become. Vacationing together is a possibility, no matter how far you live from each of your children.

  • Discuss vacation options as a group, with all parties involved. Have a webcam conference or a conference phone call, so everyone can have a say in the destination — if you can’t meet in person. Vote on the vacation and go where everyone — or the majority — want to go. The family can rent a large cabin in the mountains, take a cruise, stay at a bed-and-breakfast along the coast or stop by the nation’s capital for an educational visit.
  • Plan a location or destination that offers activities for young children, if grandchildren are involved. Multi-generational vacations provide an opportunity for the entire family to bond, especially if you don’t live near one another.
  • Lay out who is paying for what. Some adult children may expect Mom and Dad to foot the bill, which could create a family feud instead of a bonding, relaxing vacation.
  • Make specific travel plans, such as who will rent the car and drive, or if the family will meet at a central airport — or the final destination. For example, the entire family could fly into a central airport, then catch the same connecting flight to the final destination, so you all arrive together.
  • Leave some free time in the vacation schedule to allow the parents and adult children to participate in activities they enjoy, but the others might not. Having together- and separate-time planned out, allows everyone to fully enjoy their vacation; as well as time with the family.

How to Travel Around the World for Cheap

Have you always wanted to travel around the world? It is a goal that many people have, but too many are dissuaded by the costs of such a trip. While it will definitely require some money, a trip around the world is within the financial reach of most people if they save and plan carefully.
  • Find a travel buddy. While traveling alone can be fun, sharing some costs with another person can be a significant way to save.
  • Look for a ticket bargain. You will probably want to get an around the world or RTW airplane package. For a single price you get a ticket with a set itinerary of several stops in different countries. These packages are almost always cheaper than buying your tickets one at a time. For the best prices, shop around with several different companies, and look at their bargain packages – while you can set any itinerary with RTW tickets, usually popular itineraries selected by the company are significantly cheaper. Finally, consider a ticket that drops you off in one city and picks you up in another if you can travel cheaply from one to the other overland.
  • Plan your itinerary. While you may not want to stick entirely to cheaper locations, making shorter stops in expensive countries and significantly longer ones where the cost of living is cheap is an excellent way to save.
  • Stay in hostels, in the dorm if possible, for the cheapest rates. Searching for hostels on the internet can help you compare prices and make reservations ahead of time, which ensures that you won’t have to settle for an expensive hotel room at the last minute. If you don’t want to stay in the dorm, sharing a room with even one person can still help you save. (Hostels are also great places to meet other budget travelers and pick up tips.)
  • Walk or take public transportation if at all possible. If you have plenty of time and limited funds you will probably find that almost any city in the world is walkable, and you will save lots of money by doing it.

How to Book Cheap Flight Fares

As air travel has become more commonplace, airlines are no longer struggling to fill seats on their airplanes, and cheaper fares are harder to come by. Because airlines changes their prices so regularly, the cost of tickets on the same flight can be dramatically different. Everyone has their own ideas about when and how to shop for the cheapest airfares. Some people swear that fares are cheapest on Tuesdays, while others suggest searching nearby airports for better deals. In the end, patience and persistence may be the best tools you can use to find a good deal on airfare.

  • Compare prices on discount travel sites and on airline sites three to four months before your trip. Keep in mind that some airlines don’t do business with the discount sites, and you can often find the best deal on the airline’s site. You can also set up fare alerts that will email you when fares are offered within your price range.
  • Compare prices for the destinations that you are considering. If you are flexible in terms of your destination, you may be able to find a very affordable fare.
  • Be flexible on your dates for even greater savings. Most sites allow you to look at fares for an entire month to see which dates have the cheapest airfares. Changing the length of your trip by a day or two may be the key to saving money on your flights.
  • Purchase non-refundable tickets, as they are usually the cheapest. Only buy refundable tickets if you think that your vacation may be canceled.
  • Check for package deals for even greater savings on airline tickets, hotels and car rentals. Package deals may help you to get lower rates for airfare, transportation, lodging, and activities at your destination.

How to Get Extremely Cheap Last Minute Flights

Extremely cheap last-minute flights are available if you’re willing to make a few compromises and search diligently. You might not get your seating preference and have to make a few plane changes, but if you are dedicated and adaptable, you shouldn’t have any problem finding those extremely cheap last-minute flights you want.

  • Begin by calling the airline in question, because the operators that answer the phones have up-to-the-minute information about cancellations and seat vacancies. You won’t find the best seating arrangements or ideal conditions going straight to the airline, but when you’re coming in at the latest possible second, you’ll have to make some concessions.
  • Check online and see what kind of deals you can find; this can often turn out to be beneficial. Print out a confirmation of your flight and ticket if you do this, especially if it’s done at the last minute. This will avoid any glitches or confusion once you get to ticketing at the airport, and provide you with proof you actually have the flight, because mistakes can easily happen when things are done with little time before departure.
  • Be ready to leave at a moment’s notice when you’re looking for extremely cheap last minute flights, and don’t be too strict on your departure times. Sometimes vacancies pop up and you don’t want to miss an opportunity because you weren’t prepared.
  • Keep looking constantly until you find what you need, both online and by continuing to call airlines. By adopting this attitude, and being ready to leave at the drop of a hat, you’ll be in the best position available to have success finding your flights.

How to Spot Cheap Flights Scams

How to Spot Cheap Flights Scams. With airfares going through the roof, it’s only natural that you want to find cheap flights for your vacation or business travels. The bad news is that con artists know people are looking for cheap flights and a number of scams are operating that can leave you grounded and out the price of your ticket.

  • Ignore any offers that come to you via unsolicited email (spam) or fax. These offers can look really good, but the con artists behind them always have hidden fees that you won’t find out about until you have given up your personal information.
  • Don’t pay any money to join a “club” or pay special fees just to have the privilege of accessing cheap flights. With this scam, you are out a membership fee before you even find out for sure what flights are available. And once you join, you often find that the flights are not any cheaper than flights arranged by a travel agent or through the airline.
  • Walk away from any deal that requires you to make your payment “right now.” High-pressure tactics are often a warning sign for scams.
  • Pass on the offer if it says “Limited Availability.” That’s another tactic used in cheap flights scams to pressure you into booking the flight.
  • Be careful about giving your credit card information to an unknown source. Not only do some con artists run cheap flights scams, but they also sell credit card information to identity thieves as a secondary business.
  • Contact the Attorney General’s office in your state if you suspect a scam. With their help you may be able to recover your lost money.